If a coathanger was good enough for my grandmother, it’s good enough for you!

George Tiller, a high-profile abortion doctor was shot. Gingi Edmonds has been cheering for a return to the good-old-days of coathangers and gin.

Starbucks, McDonalds, Subway – undoubtedly, US culture is not shy of landing on our shores, strolling right up to us and asking if we’d care to replace our afternoon tea with an extra-skinny-mochafrippolatteflippin’cino.

However, for every square-jawed-sun-licked-white-toothed Adonis of the culture wars who catches us, swooning in their comforting, capitalist arms, there is a snaggle-toothed-wild-haired-stinking-clothed screaming lunatic, screaming from the street corner, who never quite made it into the Army of the American Dream, failing the interview on account of the fact that they held their gun backwards, pissed in their helmet and offered sexual favours in exchange for the general’s cigarettes.

These are aspects of US culture that quite thankfully remain locked to its shores. Here, for example, we have the occasional abortion debate when it appears in the commons, but in the US they have blooming television adverts about it!

You see? That foetus that was aborted by a school-age teenager had a future (just as the teenager very nearly didn’t).

The problem, though, is that there is one, rather key feature of the American Lunatics. They realised that, with a quick bit of dental work, a lick of hair grease and a quick trip to the launderettes’, a snaggle-toothed-wild-hair-stinking-clothed screaming lunatic can quite easily become a simple screaming lunatic.

And if a screaming lunatic looks smart and smooth enough, the general public do not usually have powers of detection capable of telling the inside of the asylum from the out.

Yes, in the US there are still a great many ongoing ‘culture wars’ that, in Britain at least, have been slowing down and dying out since medieval times. Britain may have its antiquated traditions, but we like them silly and showy and with a crown. Not in a sharp suit and ballot paper. The American Lunatics, on the other hand, cling to their antiquated traditions, their dictated insanity and their hypocritical moralising, combining these elements with Nuremberg spectacle, door-to-door salesman pushiness, and the desire to multiply of an AIDS virus with the bubonic plague.

They may have never passed the medical for the regular Army of the American Dream, but they’re Christian soldiers, and their Army of the Righteous is fighting for the corridors of the asylum.

Those adverts may have looked professional. Their music festivals may seem well organised and sleek in contrast to ours, but a screaming lunatic is still screaming. And still a lunatic.

Imagine you see a person step out of the finest Saville Row tailors, in the finest Saville Row tailor’s suit. They walk towards the City of London, and perhaps linger outside a bank. How do you tell if this person is a real banker, or a screaming lunatic?

It can be tricky, but a general rule is that if they’re flailing their arms and wailing “THEBINMANTOOKMYKNEECAPS! I USED TO BE A STTTAAARRRR UNTIL PRESIDENT KENNEDY SENT ME TO FIGHT AT WELLINGTON! WWWARRRRUUBLOOOOOOYAHAHAAHAHAAHAAAAAAANEEP!” then you shouldn’t really invest in their stock.

Now, I present you such a wailing, flailing, screaming lunatic, in the form of Gingi Edwards. She is a favourite of mine. Her web page isn’t flashy, but it’s functional and rather smart. She has radio interviews and does talks. She writes a blog. But she’s also a complete-and-utter-screaming-lunatic-despicable-nutcase.

Her latest post is about George Tiller, the doctor who performed late-term abortions in the US. As I mentioned before, this is a culture war that is still very much in full swing over there. In fact, at points, it can become very much like a real, actual war, complete with guns and bombs – on the 31st of May 2009, George Tiller was shot and killed. He had survived a previous shooting in 1993, and a bombing at his clinic in 1986.

Of course, Gingi Edwards deplores murder –

“Murder is murder, and it is something that we pro-lifers inherently deplore”

So Tiller’s death was never something the American Lunatics wanted. It’s not as though his death leaves them a little directionless. They don’t need to set new targets, do they? Look at her sidebar.

“Gingi Edmonds, high profile pro-life advocate, joins Matt Buff on Rapture Ready Radio and talks about the death of Tiller and what happens now for the pro-life movement”

Surely, since Tiller’s death was in no way their hope or intention, ‘what happens now’ to the pro-life movement is rather a redundant question? Although, I guess they do have to find somebody else to harass. After all, for the last three decades they’ve been picketing his workplace, intimidating his staff, demanding that the businesses he frequent not serve him, and forcing him into driving a bullet-proof car and wearing a bullet-proof shirt. They didn’t want him to die. They just wanted him to be miserable for as long as he lived.

It’s actually pretty hard to criticise Edmonds – I can’t imagine anybody having any feelings towards her other than pure love or pure hatred. I won’t be able to change minds, so this post is entirely for my own benefit. The woman is a vicious harpy, and, like the curator of an antiquated freak show, I intend only to show her off, to disgust and horrify the civilised world.

“Despite his radical dealings in abortion extremism for over 35 years, Tiller has been met with physical violence only three times in his career of mass baby slaughter. His clinic was bombed in 1985. On August 19, 1993 he was shot in both arms outside of his Wichita clinic. And on May 31, 2009 Tiller was shot to death as he served as an usher during church services.”

Wow! Only three times! To have ones life threatened once a decade is nothing! In fact, he could have protected himself by ensuring his own death after the first attempt – then he wouldn’t have had to risk the second two!

“Even according to the harebrained pro-choice life-at-viability reckoning, Tiller was indisputably a mass murderer who was executed in a fashion far more humane than the tens of thousands of children that he mutilated and left to die in cuddle session bassinets”

Now, a true American Lunatic™ is nothing if they don’t fill their rants with lies, distortions and a blatant ignorance of real life – but Gingi has this covered. I never thought that the pro-choice position was ‘life-at-viability’. If they invented an artificial womb that could make foetuses viable from conception, that wouldn’t magically make them ‘alive’. They’re bloody well alive when they’re nothing but eggs and sperm in two different people, in two different bars, at the start of the night!

The most common pro-choice position is one based on relative suffering. If a bundle of cells is going to suffer less from its termination that its mother will from its birth, then on balance I’m going to favour the mother. I don’t believe there is a magical point at which life ‘begins’, I believe that each situation should be evaluated based on the suffering that different possible outcomes could cause. That makes the claim that George Tiller was ‘a mass murderer who was executed in a fashion far more humane than the tens of thousands of children that he mutilated and left to die in cuddle session bassinets’ far from ‘indisputable’.

And if Gingi Edmonds believes that a non-sentient form being aborted (whole, by the way – George Tiller went quite beyond the call of duty in minimising the trauma caused by the treatment, even going so far as encouraging parents to take hand and foot prints of their ‘children’… which I think is rather morbid) is worse than a sentient human having a lifetime of violent harassment, followed by a violent death, then I heartily suggest she try both.

“I mean, think about it. Someone just shot a Nazi guard manning the gas chamber at Auschwitz. I should feel bad about this? George Tiller the Baby Killer’s acts are every bit as vile as the Nazi war criminals who were hunted down, tried, and sentenced after they participated in the “legal” murder of the Jews that fell into their hands.”

I’m not sure how I would feel if I were Jewish and told that my murder would be no worse than the abortion of a foetus with no experiences and a barely-developed brain.

And, if you should find yourself harassed, threatened and intimidated by literally thousands of bullies? Why, you should go to jail. For your own good, of course.

“Over the years there have been multiple opportunities to peacefully and legally hold George Tiller accountable to his actions, thus shielding him from acts of extremism.”

Just so you know, by ‘peacefully and legally’, she means trying to find nebulous legal arguments to shut him down, throwing lawsuit after lawsuit at him, even after he’s is completely cleared of wrongdoing. I’d say that’s a pretty tenuous hold on ‘peaceful and legal’. But a firm grasp on ‘underhanded and sneaky’.

“Is the pro-life position one of violence? Of course not. It is because we are so peaceful that lone acts of extremism immediately garner national attention. In the course of a 36 year genocide, only five abortionists have been killed. According to government statistics from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, for every abortionists killed, over thirty clergy members have been murdered.”

Another example of Gingi’s wailing being completely separate from the act of thinking. Five abortion doctors killed. I know for a fact that two of those were by ‘pro-life’ activists, and suspect that perhaps all of them were. They also live under the constant threat of violence. Tiller lived in a high-security gated residence, his workplace had armed guards, and he had a bullet-proof vest and car. He dealt with distressed people who genuinely wanted his help.

Priests, on the other hand, live without such protection, meet hundreds of people in their congregation (congregations which can come from just about any social class), are not intimidated every day, and, as you may have noticed, are A LOT more populous. I also don’t suspect they were all killed by atheists hell-bent on putting an end to their work. Gingi is not comparing like to like. Although, I’m not sure if that could be expected after her likening Jews to foetuses.

“I know this is a huge loss for Tiller’s family and they need our prayer and support. I’m sure they are grieving bitterly, and it is heartbreaking to think of the pain that they must be feeling. It is ultimately tragic that Tiller did not have an opportunity to properly prepare his soul to face his Maker. Unless some miracle happened, he left this life with his hands drenched with innocent blood.”

I think Gingi’s ‘prayer and support’ is the last thing they need. She can’t even maintain her pretence at ‘heartbreak’ beyond the first sentence – instead she chooses to gloat about the fact that she thinks he is going to spend all eternity with little demons rubbing salt into his eyeballs, or something.

“Unless you are radically against capital punishment, those who view abortion as murder agree that the penalty for the crime of mass child slaughter is death. And although the method and means of his execution is deplorable, the ultimate outcome is not.”

So, unless you argue for the killing of gynaecologists, you are ‘radically against the death penalty’?

“Did I want him to be gunned down in church – even a hypocritical, Molech-worshiping fraud of a church like the one he was attending while shot? No.”

He wasn’t even a true Scotsman…

“There is no doubt that Tiller deserved to be executed for his crimes. I just would have preferred a state sanctioned lethal injection, hanging, firing squad, electric chair, good old fashioned stoning, what have you.”

How delightful! Her imagination positively leaps with delight at the thought of killing somebody! And a stoning? A good-old-fashioned, theologically sound stoning! I can hear the flapping of butterflies in her stomach from here! If it was good enough for a 13-year old rape victim in Somalia, stoning is good enough for Tiller!

“Our pointless pacifism and back-peddling in the face of this tragedy is helping turn George Tiller into a hero for the pro-abort crowd.”

Yup, their pacifism didn’t work. It’s just handy one of them had a gun.

“Well, if pro-aborts can dub Tiller “truly pro-life”, then in all fairness I guess it’s safe to say that his killer was truly “pro-choice”. He believed in the idea that if a person’s existence troubles you, you have the right to kill them. He also obviously strongly felt that every abortionist should be a wanted abortionist. Is it not a personal decision? His ammunition, his choice? Everybody has an opinion… can’t we all just get along? Find common ground, like Obama asked us to?”

I mean, I personally would not shoot an abortionist, but who am I to impose my morality on someone else? If you are against shooting abortionists, then don’t shoot one, right? Hmm, suddenly pro-choice rhetoric doesn’t sound so warm and fuzzy and virtuous, does it?”

And this is that beautiful moment – like a flower blooming, or a firework bursting, her mind, struggling to free itself from the logical fallacies and distorted reality that she presents, finally breaks out, rising like a phoenix in a symphony of complete incoherence, total misunderstanding, and warping of reality. Nothing stands in her way now! Not ‘facts’, not ‘truth’, – no! Not even ‘experts’! Gingi has completely freed her mind of sanity. The pro-choice position is choice to do whatever you like? Kill whoever you like? It’s funny, then, that the segment of society that most opposes abortion, is also the most racist, homophobic and misogynistic. It is the same religious right that Gingi belongs to that has, through the years, been trying its hardest to prevent human rights such as marriage for homosexuals, human rights such as de-segregation (and before that, an end to slavery) for black people and human rights such as equal pay and freedoms for women. It was the religious right that fuelled the Ku Klux Klan. It’s not the pro-choice who believe that ‘if a person’s existence troubles you, you have the right to kill them’.

“Tiller was killed by a pro-choice act. Pro-lifers need make no apologies. Both men are guilty of bloodshed and this tragedy is a sad but all-too-real testament to the biblical truth that those who live by the sword, die by the sword.”

No, the pro-lifers who hounded George Tiller to his death through legal, emotional, physical and financial threats need make no apologies. The pro-lifers who portrayed him as viler than the worst concentration camp guard, who de-humanised him and cheapened his life, who gloated at his death, need make no apologies. It’s too late to apologise. It’s high time they just fucked off. And Gingi Edmonds? I’m not sure what trimester a 23-year-old would fall into, but it’s a damn shame it’s too late for an abortion.

– The Very-Much-Fully-Developed Colonel Molerat

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  1. #1 by The Skepdick on June 6, 2009 - 08:23

    Very snarky, Colonel. And, very well done.

    I have no authority to apologize for some of the stupidity that comes from my countrymen. We’re so bloody large, we’ve got a huge pool of slime to choose from.

    So, sorry for the exported slime.

  2. #2 by Colonel Molerat on June 8, 2009 - 10:00

    Ha! It’s quite alright! Everywhere has it’s slime, you’re right, it’s just that the US is large enough to grow some interesting varieties!

    Much time bashing my keyboard and swearing at WordPress has still left me unable to add an update. So I will say it here:

    An avalanche of thanks to both the MOST EXCELLENT Scaryduck (www.scaryduck.blogspot.com) and all at the super-duper Skepchick (www.skepchick.org), for being gracious enough to link to this site!

    Have a read and a root through their sites, they were highly recommended before they plugged us, and are doubly so now!

  3. #3 by Colonel Molerat on June 8, 2009 - 10:08

    ARGH! SWEET JESUS! “Everywhere has it’s slime”!??!?!
    What kind of apostrophe use is that!?!?
    I apologise, correct myself (“Everywhere has its slime”) and humbly retreat. I must have been in a rush.

  4. #4 by Madfishmonger on June 9, 2009 - 21:14

    I am not American, but I have visited some relatives in the States and attended a Fundamentalist church. This sort of attitude and logical fallacies are not only easy to find, but bred and encouraged through the isolated communities in many parts of the US. It’s pretty easy to find the scary, but I don’t want to. I’ll never forget sitting in that pew, literally biting my tongue and staring in horror as I listened to the nonsense, lack of logic and shocking outright lies from the pulpit. If it hadn’t been a church my relatives attended regularly (they’ve since left and smartened up), I would have been raving mad.

  5. #5 by traffician on June 12, 2009 - 20:09

    wow, what remarkably clogged reasoning ms.gingi reveals.

    i linked this on my facebook. thanks. found thru skepchick

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