Feeling Jaded: Psychics in the Sun

In a story which appeared in the Sun on August 3rd, Jade’s mum Jackiey Budden has met with medium Jayne Wallace to find out what her deceased daughter has to say about such a range of topics as her widower Jack Tweed, the custody of her children, musical theatre and Oprah Winfrey.

In a 2-and-a-half-minute video on the Sun’s website – the highlights of a two hour seance – we see the so-called psychic performing a combination of tarot-reading and straight-out clairvoyance with Jackiey, who’s daughter lost a very public battle with cancer four months ago.

Now, I’m never one to speak ill of the dead.  Fortunately, there are mediums like Jayne Wallace who are happy to do that for me, making really disgustingly distasteful claims like:

  • Marrying Jack ‘was the biggest mistake [Jade] ever made’
  • ‘[Jack]’s gonna by a pub or a club with [Jade]’s money’ – a claim that gets swiftly re-written when the so-called psychic is told that he’s not getting any of her money, and the claim is suddenly adapted to mean ‘money he has made by selling out her memory’.  Selling her memory.  A bit like, say, the money Jayne the psychic and Jackiey the grieving mum would be making from the Sun for conducting a public and ghoulish seance, you might say?

Irritatingly, Jayne’s really not even a very good medium, and her reading is peppered with poor misses, such as when Jackiey mentions ‘I’ve just got a villa sorted out now’, Jayne specifically says ‘Is it not built, or…?’ – what she’s doing there is asking the question as if it were a statement.  Had the villa still been in the planning stages, this looks like a hit; as it is, it’s a miss that gets buried quickly.  Similarly, there’s an incredibly forced segment involving a broken fence around the pool – a potential future danger to Jade’s children – where Jackiey fills in so many of the blanks it’s really quite uncomfortable to watch.

Now, if we were to give Jackiey a total pass on this for a moment, at the very least it’s disgustingly exploitative of Jayne Wallace to taint a mother’s memories of her deceased daughter in order to turn a quick buck and get a bit of extremely cheap and tacky publicity.  If Jayne’s not really contacting the dead – and let’s face it, she absoultely isn’t, at all – what she IS doing is stringing along a grieving mother, and by extension two young boys who lost their mother at a tragically young age, and worse – she’s altering the final wishes and final memories of the deceased.  Which I find deeply troubling.

On top of that, with Jackiey’s desires to get custody of her grandchildren, it’s hard not to think that the results of the reading are somewhat convenient for her – discovering, for example, that Jade regrets marrying the man who now has custody of the kids, despite the fact that when she was alive and therefore actually able to express her own actual wishes rather than going through some medium, her specified reasons for the marriage were concerning the well-being of her children.  On top of that, ‘Jade’ apparently lent her beyond-the-grave endorsement to her mother’s forthcoming tell-all autobiography – which I must add is a lovely touch for a grieving mother – and she even predicted a guest slot on Oprah.  Wishful thinking from one of the three women, I believe, and not the dead one at that.  What’s more, Jade’s ghost apparently talked up a planned musical of her life – again, it’s hard not to see her endorsement of such a venture as convenient with regards to its planning and publicity.

But one note which does ring true to me regarding Jackiey’s involvement in the seance is her final statement:

"I’m sure they’ll [criticise me] for seeing a psychic. But you can’t judge me until you’ve walked in my shoes – I just want to feel close to my little girl again."

It’s precisely this need for closeness to a lost loved one and the need to believe that there’s still a connection with someone who’s gone that ghoulish mediums such as Jayne Wallace prey on and feed off.

In life, Jade was thrown in front of camera lenses when she wasn’t smart enough to know she was being used, she died in the most intrusively and grotesquely public way so that newspapers and celebrity magazines could sell a few thousand more copies, and now she’s dead her bones are being picked over by an intellectually bankrupt tabloid and a morally bankrupt psychic which have picked apart her memories and wishes like hungry vultures.  I for one find it sickening.

  1. #1 by Andy on August 17, 2009 - 21:35

    Me too. This example demonstrates the “where’s the harm” argument in full. Weren’t the Sun lucky that they had that camera there to capture the whole thing? 🙂 I can’t work out who is most dishonest out of this lot. The relevant staff at the Sun who are selling out jade’s memory, the bloody psychic, who is selling out jade’s memory or Jade’s mum who is selling out Jade’s memory! Or the readers who buy the f*****g nonsense. Not that the Sun’s reputation could get much wose in the Liverpool area!

  2. #2 by supermanc on August 23, 2009 - 15:15

    i didnt think scousers read the sun

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