Pull A Fast One: Honor Between Psychics and Pseudomedics

Dwain ChambersThis week saw Bridlington-born psychic Honor Broxap make some really geuininely totally 100% amazing predictions about Dwain Chambers.  ‘East Riding’s answer to Mystic Meg’ managed to correctly predict that Chambers would make it to the final of the World Championship 100m in Berlin.  Oh yeah.  Take that, James Randi.  The report says she also apparently claimed he would beat his personal best.  ‘Fast runner to run really fast’ – she really is astounding alright.

Now, two things are going on here – the first is that she’s playing into confirmation bias: if Dwain made the final as she predicted, the hit gets remembered and she looks mildly decent; if he fails, it’s a non-story and it doesn’t get reported. It’s the publisher’s drawer selection-bias.  Secondly, Dwain Chambers was hardly a huge outsider to make it throught the heats! Looking at his opponents, you’d have been pretty confident Chambers would make the final. It’s like predicting Man Utd will win the league – they’re going to be somewhere around there, so it’s not that remarkable.

Honor did, however, impressively predict he would break his personal best though – which he didn’t. The article skims over this minor point, but he actually broke his seasonal best with a run of 10seconds dead. His personal best is 9.97 seconds, so she was wrong. But we won’t dwell on that too much, because she also made another amazingly accurate claim…

Broxap, who claims to be a direct descendant of Gipsy Rose Lee, explains:

“I saw he needed to watch around for foot, ankle or leg problems, I just knew there was something not quite right.” – Source: This is Hull and East Riding

Now that genuinely is amazing – she managed to psychicly predict that a runner might hurt his legs.  What other amazing predictions can we expect for Broxap?  Maybe that a fireman will get burned, or a race car driver will crash, or that a psychic might get labelled an attention-seeking, publicity-hungry fraud…

Apparently, the 46-year-old psychic met the Chambers at the launch of his book last February, when she claims she didn’t know who he was at the time. So evidently, she really is quite the psychic. Quite why she chose to attend the book signing of someone she didn’t know is another matter, I suppose.

She said:

“I didn’t know who Dwain Chambers was, but at the book launch I walked in and said ‘Whoever’s book this is, is going to have medals all around them’ and he said ‘That’s me’.” – Source: his is Hull and East Riding

So it seems she made this amazing prediction to him, at his book signing, yet she didn’t know who he was or that it was in fact his book-signing? Did the fact that he was, say, signing books not give it away? Or did the fact that the front cover of the book consists of little other than a huge black and white photo of his face not give this extraordinary medium a clue?

Honor says she brought the British sprinter “validation”, explaining: “I try to empower people and uplift them – I help them to realise that sometimes with decisions you can’t see the wood for the trees and psychics can help.”

Sounds to me like the same old bullshit justifications we’ve seen time and time again from psychics, especially the ones who lie to people in order to get money and fame.

If you check out Honor’s website, it seems there’s more to her than just being able to see the future.  Clearly a multi-talented sort, she also offers:

  • Reiki
  • Tibetan Master Healer
  • Past Life Regression
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Spiritual Cleansing
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Seichem

Now I had no idea what Seichem is, but luckily she informs us:

“Seichem originally came from Egypt. Seichem is the energy of the universe manifested through the feminine vibration of the Mother Goddess.

It re-adjusts imbalances on a deeper level of the psyche such as a lack of self-esteem, the need for/lack of nurturing and especially self-empowerment and love” – Source: www.honorbroxap.co.uk

That clears that up then.

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It never fails to amaze me when woo-peddlers start criss-crossing disciplines – it’s like getting a scientist who is an expert radiologist, gynaecologist and dentist all at once, with a little bit of nuclear physicist thrown in for good measure.  It doesn’t happen, because there’s real science, real knowledge and real expertise involved in all of those disciplines – unlike psychics and spiritual cleansers, where an active imagination and a good set of people skills will see you set to expertly dispense any type of woo you please.  I’ve got to hand it to Honor though, combining future predictions with pseudomedicine is a masterstroke – now she can tell people of their impending health concerns and treat them all at once, before they ever get sick.  Like a one-stop shop for bullshit.

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