Question of the Week: What Woo Have You Tried?

It was one of our uber-regular Skeptics in the Pub nights last week, and amongst talk of autistic budgies and deep-throating monkeys (erm, I guess you had to be there), we decided to throw Question of the Week on the mercy of the crowd and see what we came up with. So, without further ado, I give you the crowdsourced (I’m so web 2.0 it hurts sometimes…) question for this week:

What woo have you tried?   Be it acupuncture, homeopathy, psychics, ouija boards or good-old-fashioned chiropractic, now’s the time to come clean!

Also, I’d like to tip my hat to whoever came up with the second choice for this week’s question, which was:

Simon Singh: Great guy, bad hair. How would you make over Britain’s most loveable libeller?

Feel free to answer either!


  1. #1 by Trystan on August 11, 2009 - 12:47

    Woo … well, I used to be one of those so I’ve done UFO skywatching, ghost hunting, ouija boards, dowsing with rods and pendulum, believing conspiracy theories. I’ve also attended spiritualist church as a skeptic. Whilst I don’t believe it offers anything ‘medical’ I enjoy reflexology and Indian head massage as it helps me chill out.

    Simon Singh … I don’t think he needs a makeover. I admire any man who can pull off the scruffy journalist look with such dignity.

  2. #2 by Mike on August 12, 2009 - 18:00

    I was brought up on homeopathy. Every bruise had arnica cream applied. Little sugar pills dished out for anything and everything.

    I’m really glad that homeopathy is just sugar pills, because I used to eat them when I was bored.

  3. #3 by Colonel Molerat on August 20, 2009 - 18:45

    I don’t think I’ve ever actually believed in any woo…
    Unless I just haven’t discovered it’s woo yet…

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