An American Homeopath In Dentistry

In a recent blog post, Marsh posed the question “is there anything homeopathy cannot do?” I think that the homeopathy fans must encounter a blank wall when it comes to physical defects such as cosmetic features and actual anatomy. Can you imagine anyone claiming, for example, that taking a sugar pill would improve your appearance? Perhaps stop you having to get that all important nose job, boob job, pecs whatever?

Well, ladies and gentlemen I give you Homeopathic Dentistry.

Yes with just a few little sugar pills you can, ironically, fix your teeth. Reduce cavities, toughen those canines up and even straighten them! seems to be a collection of one guys favourite videos. So far so good. But residing somewhere on the same server is the most unlikely and twisted claim for homeopathy so far. OK one among many….but seriously are you expecting us to believe that taking these sugar pills will correct physical damage?

These are the clams made at

Looking at that url, you could wonder what the hell is going on, given that it seems to be something about curing hemorrhoids (sic). Still I think that this website owner is trying for traffic at any price, then presenting a banner on the bum grapes that he hopes you will follow.

We will not. We’ll stick with Joette Calabrese HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) who appears to have originally authored the article. She has her own website at but I couldn’t find this particular article there and it appears to have been removed from the original source page of this article too. When Joette originally wrote this, you have to presume she was somewhat high on homeopathic crystal meth.

“The most common homeopathic remedy available for daily use to eliminate caries (that’s soft parts that will become cavities to you and me), is Calc phos 6x. It has been shown to facilitate orthodontic movement and even eliminate the need for braces if employed for a lengthy period of time.”

So in the first sentence the cavities are going to heal over. That’s new! And then:

“To facilitate dental movement”.

So she is saying (this solution is 6x in potency so there’s probably some of the original substance still in it) that this remedy will actually move the teeth. Am I the only one currently remembering all manner of werewolf movies where the jaw and nose become a snout and the teeth grow and move forward? Is this what she means?

And what about the fact that the preferred appearance of teeth is a perception on the part of the observer rather than a flaw on the part of the toothy owner?

“Yes, straightening them… instead of thousands of dollars of orthodontic work, a simple homeopathic remedy has a history of doing the same work when properly employed for an extended period of time.”

Oh I think I’ve got it now. Take your potions instead of paying for all that expensive dentistry. No doubt you’ll make good use of the money these poor parents spend on your blag rather than on real dentistry.

I don’t think this type of extreme bollocks typifies homeopathy overall. There is a particular breed of wanna be witch doctors who you find peddling crazy homeopathy like this all over the web.

But I think these extreme versions are disappointingly common. Endemic even. And the reason is simple. In the land of the blind you can make a fortune if people think you can see. It is dishonesty on the part of the quack that makes it bad. Not curiosity on the part of the seeker.


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