2010 – A Psychic Insight (part II)

Following on from yesterday’s look at the psychic predictions of thirteen ‘well-known’ psychics (including Joshua the Psychic – a psychic so well-known he has to use ‘psychic’ in his name), here’s more of the same, taken from boomers-write.com

Taking a look at the Healthcare category, we get our first offering from the delightful Sylvia Browne:

“Browne predicts a “great rise in skin cancer in children in 2010.” She notes that people are aware of the dangers of UV rays and products to protect themselves. She hopes that more attention will be made to this serious issue so her prediction does not come true”

So she’s saying ‘kids will get ill and die, but if it doesn’t happen it’s because we all managed to stop it, not because I’m wrong or because I’m a liar who’s making it all up.’ Nicely played, Browne. Less nicely played is her bizarre prediction for the common cold:

“Browne predicts an end to the common cold and the solution may be heat. Just as a fever is the body’s natural response to fight a cold, she says doctors will put patients in a heated cubicle that also contains a special vapor. Patients will stay in it for five minutes to kill all rhinitis germs. These cubicles will also be used to treat patients with allergies, asthma and other breathing disorders”

This is just patently bonkers – cubicles of heat to cure the common cold? I’m just going to leave that one there, and wait for history to prove her an idiot.

In other health news, Harra tells us of epidemics she says that won’t happen:

“Harra says neither the H1N1 (swine flu), nor other diseases will become huge devastating epidemics”

…which is useful, and much easier than predicting which ones do happen. In similar vein, I can offer my own prediction: An epidemic of a rare virus that turns people into full-size Lego models of themselves will not occur in 2010. That’s my neck on the line, there – let’s see if I’m right in a year’s time!

Elsewhere, Henes helpfully offers us:

“Henes says there will be new scientific breakthroughs in medicine”

The life of a soothsayer really never is an easy one, I guess…

Into the ‘Terrorism‘ category (it’s ominous enough that there even is one), and we have a psychic-on-psychic war on our hands as Harra sees no major terrorist attacks or nuclear bombs, whereas Hulderman is terrorist-crazy for 2010, predicting:

“…an overall rise in terrorism. She adds that a dirty bomb will explode in a large metropolitan city (Loss Angeles, New York or Chicago) and a prominent U.S. government official will be assassinated”

Yikes. Hulderman’s not done with the death-mongering, either – when it comes to the ‘Celebrity‘ category she seems to have a doom-preoccupation:

“a famous celebrity whose first name is Elizabeth and who already has health problems will pass away. This occurrence will mark the “beginning to the end of the world”

Blimey. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the apocalypse so casually referred to. Although, I suppose, it’s only the beginning of the end of the world – there’s no indication of how long it will take. Maybe I won’t cancel plans for Christmas 2010 just yet.

In less psychopathic celebrity predictions, Joshua the psychic predicts that Madonna will find new love interest, and that Madonna will become more interested in the metaphysical, and that Madonna may even become a psychic. Says Joshua the Psychic. I think that’s less of a prediction, more of a marriage proposal. Mr and Mrs ‘the Psychic’ will be so proud of their little boy. I wonder if she’ll start calling herself ‘Madonna the Psychic’, or if she’ll keep her maiden name of… well… nothing. Moving on:

“Hans Christian (anderson) Kings says three of the most loved actors will pass away this year”

Which is less of a prediction, more of a statement of probability. Although if Hulderman is right, there’ll be a lot more than three loved actors that will face their doom, given that the world’s coming to an end. I wonder why it’s three actors – I suppose that’ll be the pesky awakening of the power of the number 3 caused by the 2+0+1+0 effect again. I do look forward to having to put up with that bit of numerology all year…

Next up, in a prediction that’ll send shockwaves through the whole world (admittedly the shock that this is even considered to be a psychic prediction at all), Laura Scott predicts that the angry and recently-very-publicly-unspousal-wife of the bed-hopping, doing-the-rounds-with-more-than-a-few-birdies golfer Tiger Woods will file for divorce. Which is brilliant – not least because she was reportedly in contact with divorce lawyers in December 2009. Apparently, also, George Clooney will marry (which every psychic has used as there Ace In The Hole for the last decade, to no avail) and Elizabeth Taylor will pass away – presumably activating the apocalypse as Hulderman foresaw. Also worth of a mention is Zachary Selig’s hopeful effort, if only for it’s wonderfully wishful-thinking centre:

“Zelig predicts more sophisticated, challenging entertainment and programming will occur due to a better-informed and intelligent public”

I’m going to completely pass over the ‘Personal/Spiritual‘ category, as it’s filled with self-help, ‘you can do it, buddy’, saccharine platitudes that are in no way actual predictions. I mean ‘Henes believes there will be a surge in feminine wisdom’ and ‘the “new energies’ of 2010 will help you move forward’ – this is the lamest form of horoscope-garbage.

Time to wrap up, but -for the road – A few random predictions before the Browne chaser:

  • “Hulderman predicts many unusual extraterrestrial sightings will occur over the next 2-3 years”
  • “Joshua says 2010 will be a year of new things, lots of babies being born, new musical instruments, electronic devices and new stock options”
  • “Calibre says people should stay away from the beach in the summer of 2010 and will, in fact, fear going there”

And finally, a cheery end to the affair, from the charming Sylvia Browne:

“Browne predicts that a president elect will die in office from a heart attack some time before 2020. She says the vice president who takes over will attempt to declare war on North Korea, which will have weapons of mass destruction by then. However, the vice president will be assassinated for his efforts. When the matter is investigated, there will be serious allegations about missing funds. It will eventually be revealed that the allegations came from those who wished to damage people’s faith in the government”

I’m not sure if that’s a prediction, or the plot to the next series of 24…

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  1. #1 by dirty bomb on January 13, 2010 - 19:05

    time to buy a dirty bomb kit. LOL

  2. #2 by Sarah Graham on July 28, 2010 - 02:31

    i also believe in pyschics because somehow the human mind can sense beyond the ordinary.*”

  3. #3 by Susie on September 4, 2015 - 11:03

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