What Is It? #2

What Is It? #2

What Is It? #2 (Click to enlarge)

It’s that time again – time for us to ask you to get your thinking caps on, your imaginations fired-up and your brain in gear. Go on, do it!

Done that? Excellent – just in time for the good Prof. Dowling and his trusty electon microscope to send another in-depth snap your way. All you have to do is tell us: What Is It?

Leave your best guesses below, and answers next week.

Last week we showed you this photo and asked you what it was. The correct answer was – paper. Specifically, a piece of 60 gsm paper – ┬ároughly 60% hardwood and 40 % softwood with some filler. Kudos goes to Gittins for the fastest correct answer.


  1. #1 by AJ on January 28, 2010 - 13:57

    Has he left the lens cap on?

  2. #2 by Gittins on January 29, 2010 - 15:18

    It’s the triple blades of a very well used Gillette mach 3 turbo razor.

  3. #3 by MossMan on January 29, 2010 - 17:16

    I see wires soldered to each side of the slab-thing, with some kind of film underneath and another wire along the back. There seem to be a row of these slabs and it looks a bit dusty or dirty…

    I would guess some kind of sensor (thermal, stress/strain, acoustic), phone keyboard or piezo-electric speaker.

    And that isn’t taken with an “electon” microscope, it’s just a plain old optical image…

  4. #4 by Michael on January 30, 2010 - 14:40


    It is an optical microscope and the image has been cropped as to not give the ‘game away’. Marsh never reads his email’s his degree was in pidgin english anyways. Regards Prof

  5. #6 by Gareth Binks on January 31, 2010 - 20:47

    I mentioned on facebook i thought it was plastic with adhesive on the back….I’m probably wrong! lol

  6. #7 by Marsh on January 31, 2010 - 21:25

    Ah, cheers for correcting me, Prof – been a busy week for us here at the MSS, what with the whole attempted-non-suicide and all. But happy to be corrected!

    Also, nobody’s quite got it yet…!

  7. #8 by Jon D on February 2, 2010 - 14:35

    Three wires – Transistor?

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