Question of The Week: What Slogan Should Be On Our T-Shirts?

As you may know, we now have an online shop where you can buy all sorts of 10:23 campaign goodies, such as t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and ties. It’s all wonderfully designed and will no doubt be the best purchase you have ever made, so please visit…

What we don’t have is a Skeptics With a K t-shirt. Our esteemed podcast is woefully under-represented in the world of merchandise and shameless cashing in, so we thought we’d open up to our wonderful listeners out there (that’s you!) and ask for suggestions.

Our Question of The Week is this: What Slogan Should Be On Our T-Shirts?

Is there a particular line from the show that you think should be adorning the torsos of Skeptics? Maybe you have another idea for what should be on the shirts. As long as it’s funny and appropriate, and gives a feel of what the show is about, we don’t mind.

So please leave your suggestions in the comments below, or email us if you’re feeling secretive. Winners will receive our undying love…


  1. #1 by Simon Nurse on March 29, 2010 - 09:50

    How about:

    ‘Gullible travels’


  2. #2 by Simon Nurse on March 29, 2010 - 14:56

    Sorry, meant to add this one also. An adapted version of everyone’s favourite Donald Rumsfeld quote:

    ‘There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know. Then there’s shite’.

  3. #3 by Michael on March 29, 2010 - 20:15

    Simon_Sounds something like what Sir Humphrey would say!
    Here are my suggestions

    “SECT and ERROR are synonymous terms” -Voltaire

    “We believe what we least understand” -cryptic

    “Yeah, I’ll believe. When you Prove it!” – The Prof
    (The last one is my fave)

    “I have never slept with President Mike Hall and I claim my £10!” – Idiot

  4. #4 by mathew partridge on March 29, 2010 - 22:15

    “No sugar pills, I’m a diabetic”
    “Is vodka one of the spirits talking to you right now?”
    “You predict a wife and three kids? My boyfriend will be upset.”
    “The only thing your healing hands are doing is stirring a breeze.”
    “When I grow up I want to be a health ranger.”

    I’m way to sleepy to offer intelligent so I went with bitchy. My favorite is the voddy one. Feel free to refine (read improve) as you wish.

  5. #5 by Rachel on March 29, 2010 - 23:01

    “I had a séance with Jesus and he said it was cool.”
    “Based on the theories of Gilbert Einstein.”

  6. #6 by Jon d on March 30, 2010 - 12:11

    A witty definition of a logical fallacy or maybe a quotation of Barnum or Mark Twain.
    Doesn’t mean you can put me down for one though, I’ve got too many t-shirts already.

  7. #7 by Stu on March 30, 2010 - 13:00

    ‘I pray for Gods’ omniscience’

  8. #8 by Dave on March 30, 2010 - 13:37

    How about “there’s nothing in it”. No wait! That’s been done before, but I can’t think where I’ve seen it.

    “There’s lots in it” sounds good to me.

  9. #9 by Paul Smout on March 30, 2010 - 13:41

    How about…

    Woo Who!
    who Woo?

    The first Woo Who! is to celebrate Doctor Who being back on the tele – thus guaranteeing me at least one Skeptic on my side if this thing goes to a vote.

    The second who Woo? – who would be stupid enough to buy into Woo.

  10. #10 by Paul Smout on March 30, 2010 - 13:42

    Just thought of another

    I am a Skeptic*

    *although I am open to rational debate on the matter

  11. #11 by Simon Nurse on March 30, 2010 - 13:43

    How about

    ‘Mystic Smeg’ for the skeptic Red Dwarf national lottery fans.

    Ha ha.

  12. #12 by Barra on March 30, 2010 - 18:11

    How about “all aboard the rational express” blatantly ripping national express’s logo and font style? eh? Oh go on.

  13. #13 by wagu on March 31, 2010 - 18:28

    “If You Open Your Mind Too Much Your Brain Will Fall Out”
    – The Open-Minded Skeptic

  14. #14 by -OO- on April 2, 2010 - 19:42

    Here’s a few options:

    – Homeophobe

    – Be Reason-able

    – I went to a naturopath and all I got was this lousy Tea-Shite


  15. #15 by Michael Gray on April 4, 2010 - 00:43

    How about:
    “Grow Up”
    – Michael Gray


    “The moral obloquy associated with, and intrinsically attendant upon, absurd iniquitous theatrical theocratic anodyne nostrums is a risible and contumely calumny up with which I shall not put.”
    – Michael Gray

  16. #16 by Jason from Florida on April 10, 2010 - 14:23

    “Alienating fans one continent at a time”

  17. #17 by JackJL on April 11, 2010 - 21:30

    I’m waiting for episode 47, when you’ll be able to out compete for badass name with the health ranger

    “Skeptics with aK-47”

    Although with just one between you it may get a bit weird.

  18. #18 by donalfall on April 14, 2010 - 22:18

    I’ve been trying to come up with a t-shirt slogan but I can’t quite put my finger on how to incorporate “Homeopathic Firebomb” into a t-shirt slogan, so I’ll throw it out there for anyone else.

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