Free Speech Hustings and Libel Reform

When: Wed, Apr 21, 2010 6.30 – 22.30 PM
Where: The Crown Hotel, 43 Lime Street, Liverpool

Streaming live direct from the debate in London, the Merseyside Skeptics will be hosting a live broadcast of the The Free Speech Hustings – your chance to watch Jack Straw from Labour, Dominic Grieve from the Conservatives, and Evan Harris from the Liberal Democrats go head to head over libel law reform and protecting our freedom of speech.

The Free Speech Hustings bring together scientists, writers, human rights activists, journalists, bloggers and most importantly… voters – to put the difficult questions to the candidates about free speech and libel reform, counter-terrorism, privacy and religious hatred.

Each of the main parties will be represented, and will be answering questions on the libel law, free speech and what their party will do to protect and serve if elected.

  • Representing LABOUR… Jack Straw
  • Representing the CONSERVATIVES… Dominic Grieve
  • Representing the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS… Evan Harris

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