Question of The Week: What Unexplained Experiences Have You Had?

Those skeptics, they always think they know everything…

Except we don’t, of course. We may always think there is a logical explanation for weird events, etc., but we don’t claim to always know what it is. Like anyone else, skeptics have experiences that they might not be able to fully explain, maybe even some very strange ones at that. We just don’t jump to conclusions about them.

So this week’s Question of The Week is this: What Unexplained Experiences Have You Had?

What has happened to you that you could not explain at the time? Maybe you’ve seen strange lights in the sky, or heard a knock at your door in the middle of the night only for there to be no-one there. Maybe you’ve since found out the explanation, but for a long while you couldn’t explain it. Either way, we’d love to hear it, so please leave your answers below…

  1. #1 by Rich Scopie on April 23, 2010 - 08:14

    The continued popularity of Morrissey. There is no rational explanation for that.



  2. #2 by Mykie on April 23, 2010 - 08:33

    Hi guys!

    My mum uses ear plugs to sleep…
    A few years ago she went to sleep with ear plugs, took them out in the morning and found two in each ear…the same thing happened the next night when she used the newly birthed pair…
    She got really angry with us as she thought we were stuffing her head full of plugs whilst she slept…
    Our best guess is that she stuffed a whole handful in one night without realising and they merged into a set of giant super plugs that gradually fell apart.

    Not really unexplained or particularly interesting…it was comedy gold at the time.

    Take care,


  3. #3 by Jon d on April 23, 2010 - 09:01

    Yeah phantom door knocking or doorbells just as I’m on the edge of sleep… Sometimes, less often, I feel like I’m falling forwards under the same circumstances too and reflexively stick out my arms or try to take a step forward. Girlfriends have been particulaly unamused by the latter.
    The earplugs might be a related phenomenon to my occasionally finding the alarm clocks turned off in the morning even though I never woke up.

  4. #4 by AexMagd on April 23, 2010 - 11:53

    Occasionally I wake up in the night and in the half-fuzzy light I see visions of things moving, though generally mechanically. One time it was a friend of mine sitting slowly eating a bag of crisps – it later turned out to be a guitar and a road sign that looked a bit like the shape of the person, but I have no idea why my brain adds movement. Another time there was a guy with a horse’s head sitting on a shelf in my room. They’re scary realistic and I can sit and watch them for minutes at a time and they’ll do the same movements.

    So, I figure I’m some sort of prophet? God’s future plan is going to involve horse-people, you just wait and see!

  5. #5 by AexMagd on April 23, 2010 - 11:53

    P.S. I was a student at the time, hence the road sign in my room

  6. #6 by Mathew Partridge on April 23, 2010 - 15:05

    @jond I get the falling thing all the time. I usually let out some sort of squeak or squeal instead of throwing my arms out.

    There has been only event (and it was a minor one) that I can’t explain. When I lived with some old friends in my first flat the five of us were in the living room and the kitchen was only a short distance away. Whilst we were watching telly there was this sound like a cup moving across a kitchen work top. We all looked towards the kitchen at the same moment and I got up to investigate. Sure enough said cups were on the work surface and I couldn’t see anything to have caused it. Sat down to the telly and again one of the cups could be heard to be moving across the kitchen side. We were all so close to the kitchen and the sound was utterly unique as far as we could tell. Not sure what it was but hey it was pretty funky at the time. I thought that maybe the side was wet and one of the cups had drifted on an air bubble but no the side was dry. oh and all the people in the flat were in the living room at the time.

    Was it Nick Clegg?

  7. #7 by Jo on April 23, 2010 - 19:15

    I’ve had lots of things, too many to mention. One I will mention is one evening, when I was sitting watching telly and my daughter was upstairs. Her friends called round, so I opened the front door and told them to go up to her room, so they all went up the stairs. I shut the door and went back to the living room.

    When the time came for the girls to go home, my daughter came downstairs to see them out and found the front door bolted at the top and bottom. I hadn’t locked the door and none of the girls had come downstairs the whole evening. My living room wall is adjacent to the stairs and the front door is at the bottom of them and I swear no-one went near it. Plus the bolts are extremely stiff so there would be no way they could be done without me hearing it.

    I’ll never know how that happened.

  8. #8 by Jon d on April 23, 2010 - 19:30

    Michael, I like the moving cup story… Know what you mean about the air bubble but if it wasn’t that how about some sort of resonant vibrations? A friend gets rotating cutlery on parts of her work top when the neighbours washing machine spins and I lived in a place where the window in the back rattled spoolily when a bus idled it’s engine outside the front on the other side of the road, both down to resonance as far as I’m concerned.
    Either that or I reckon you clearly had a poltergeist infestation.

  9. #9 by scepticarla on April 24, 2010 - 07:52

    2 things in my life have happened that I truly can’t explain, first was when I was at college, I was in a play that was set in the fifties, my character was in a scene where she needed a sixpence for something (can’t remember) and I was a nerdy coin collector back then. As I opened the front door to leave the house for a rehearsal I thought, “Oh god I need a sixpence!” immediately the door stuck and as I tugged on it the reason for the sticking became obvious. There was a sixpence under the door. It wasn’t one of my collection, and I still have the coin today. Where did it come from? Spooky. The second event took place a few years later. I was working for a friend of mine at an isolated house in North Wales. Most evenings we would walk down to the pub by torchlight as there is no street lighting in this area. One night batteries died in the torch and we were walking in darkness when I heard the footsteps of a bipedal something approach in a neighbouring field. the ‘something’ then jumped over the wall alongside the road, ran across the road behind me and jumped the hedge on the otherside, disappearing towards the sea side of the road. The hedge was at least five foot. I didn’t turn round (fraidy cat) so didn’t see what it was, and have never been able to satisfactorily explain it to this day.

  10. #10 by Greg on May 27, 2010 - 21:00

    I am also a huge skeptic. In fact, in graduate school I took a class called Anomalistic Psychology and Skepticism, where we analyzed (and debunked) various paranormal claims. However, when I was a child (about 11) I had an unexplained incident happen to me. To this day, I am still unable to find a logical explanation. I was playing the game “guess a number between 1-10” with some friends at school, and I was able to guess the number again and again. At first, I thought my friends were playing a joke on me, so I asked other people, strangers, etc. to think of a number (this time between 1-100) and was able to guess correctly over and over, too many times to logically explain away. I went home and asked my mom to think of numbers, and I was able to guess them. In my mind, I would scroll through a series of numbers, like a list, and one number would standout, almost as if written in bold red. This was the number I would say, and it was consistently correct. I’ve tried to explain it away as selective memory (Maybe I remember the times I guessed correctly but forgot the times I missed) or (maybe people were playing a joke, but this seems unlikely since I asked various people, included family members, who to this day swear it happened, and they were stunned and can’t find a logical explanation either). I remember when I was able to guess the numbers, I felt confident that I would find the correct number. It’s like I would shut down the logical/critical part of my mind and just believe. The creative, fluid side of my mind would take over and show me the number. It was actually a little scary. Later, I started to doubt myself, and the logical brain took over and told me “this is impossible” or “you can’t do this” or “you shouldn’t do this.” The last time I tried, I couldn’t guess numbers, but I may still have the ability and just have a block. I don’t know. In graduate school (in the class) we discussed how so-called-“psychics” will often claim to be able to do unexplained things, but then they can’t replicate the events. Are they full of B.S., or are they just blocked? I don’t know. I feel conflicted. If I was an outsider listening to this story, I would say, “Yeah, right. Sounds like a load of B.S.,” but since it actually happened to me, I don’t know what to think. I do believe we only use a small fraction of our intellectual abilities. The subconscious mind holds many untapped secrets, but until I’m given a logical explanation, I have to say it was just a strange period in my life. The mind is a complex place, and memories and perceptions are not always 100% accurate.

  11. #11 by Kerri on July 12, 2012 - 03:08

    Though I have witnessed a few unexplained phenomenons in my lifetime (so far), recently I observed two very unusual experiences. The first occured just about 3 weeks ago. I was driving home from a work related meeting around 7:00 pm and stopped to grab a quick bite at a local diner. I went to the bar and ordered myself an appetizer and a glass of wine. Before having my first sip of wine, I was distracted by three men having a boisterous (alcohol related, I’m sure) conversation about taking French language lessons when they attended school. Then, shortly after the men finished speaking about their French lesson experiences in school, they began speaking about former President Clinton and his scandalous affair with Monica Lewinski. That’s not so strange, I know, it’s what happened after I left that I just cannot understand. One glass of wine and then one hour later, I drove to my neighbor’s house (roughly 10 miles away) to join in on their weekly music jam session they have with a small group of friends. After about an hour, two of men began talking about taking French lessons in school. I did not say anything prior to them about the same conversation I overheard the men speaking about at the diner earlier that evening. I was thinking “that’s kinda weird to overhear a conversation about the same random subject on the same day”. Then, I kid you not, not more than a few minutes later, the same two men brought up the Clinton and Monica Lewinski thing. That was too strange to ignore. I asked them both if they had heard something about Clinton and Monica on the news recently. They both said, ” no, not for years” Coincidence? Maybe. I cannot explain it, so, I don’t know what else to really make of it. The second strange series of events happened over the last week. While I drove into my neighborhood after work one day, I noticed a stranded tennis ball laying in the gutter down the street from my home. That’s not a big deal, even though there are no tennis courts near by. On the otherhand, it was not really a normal thing to see a stranded tennis ball in my neighborhood. I assumed the ball was lost by kids playing or an overthrown pass to somebody’s dog. Then over the next few days, in completely different parts of my home town, I started noticing a singal tennis ball stranded in the gutter of the streets. I would say a total of four days in a row, totally different areas of town (no tennis courts near by) and about 4 tennis balls total. After the last sighting, I was thinking “what the heck is the deal with the friggin tennis balls!” I’m befuddled at the very least. I would love to know if these were just freak events and I really want to be given some rational explantion. One thing is for sure, this world is most certainly full of wonder.

  12. #12 by Leslie Sheffield on November 12, 2012 - 01:40

    Rich Scopie :
    The continued popularity of Morrissey. There is no rational explanation for that.

  13. #13 by Leslie Sheffield on November 12, 2012 - 01:43

    Something just happened a few moments ago that makes no sense. My husband said to me ‘come look at this”. We have four wooded chairs on our back deck and they looked like they had been rained on and everything else on the deck was competely dry. He then discovered his truck which is in the front yard looked like it had been rained on too. But, the other two trucks were dry and parked right next to the wet one. We can’t figure it out. No rain, no one had the hose on…..

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