What Is It? #9

What Is It? #9 (click to enlarge)

What Is It? #9 (click to enlarge)

What Is It? #9 (click to enlarge)

It’s that time of, erm, let’s just say ‘week’ again – time for our sort-of-regular What Is It? competition, courtesy of Prof. Dowling. You may remember the rules from last time, if not don’t worry, they couldn’t be simpler:

1. Look at these photos
2. Guess what these photos show
3. Tell us

Easy! So, get cracking.

Last time out we showed you this photo, and asked you who it is. Unbelievably, none of you were able to recognise that it was none other than the self-appointed superhero Mike Adams, Health Ranger. Mike is the charming, educated and definitely-not-a-lunatic behind the Natural News website – the one stop shop for all your anti-vaxx paranoia.

Mike Adams Health Ranger

Mike Adams Health Ranger

He’s also got a sideline in anti-vaxx pop classics, such as his hit ‘Don’t Inject Me (The Swine Flu Vaccine Song)‘. Toe-tapping, I’m sure you’ll agree.

None of you got it. None. Must. Try. Harder.


  1. #1 by Jon d on April 10, 2010 - 16:30

    Antivaccer… The problem with a still photo is you can’t see the eyes swivelling.

  2. #2 by Jon D on April 10, 2010 - 19:57

    #2 is Ben Franklin submitting a false expenses claim to pay off his chiropractor under the less shameful pretense of reimbursing someone for confiscating their property.

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