Quick blog from the 14th European Skeptical Congress at the Flamenco Hotel in Budapest

Marsh and I are just into day 2 at the 14th European Skeptical Congress.

Yesterday I got to do a well received talk on 10:23 and I think we’ve been able to recruit a good few countries to participate in 2011. We’ve had dinner with Joe Nickell, Simon Singh and Christopher French as well as meeting luminaries from the Hungarian and German skeptics.

It has also been pretty amazing to meet some Skeptics With a K and InKredulous listeners!  today there’s even a guy wearing a 10:23 t-shirt. He’s from Zurich in Switzerland and is very enthusiastic!

It turns out that there are pockets of skepticism in mainland Europe. Hungary and Germany are particularly well organized but there are also examples where things are just getting going.  Poland, Slovakia, Romania are examples.  Marsh and I just had a nice chat with a couple of guys from Poland who made the point that culturally, people don’t like to speak out in public.

There’s a guy talking now called Istvan Vago.  He is the host of the Hungarian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire!  He has entitled his talk “why idiotism more popular than clever thoughts?”. All the talks are in English and for most people it’s not their first language.

The interest in 10:23 is two fold.  First of all, people have heard of it and are interested to hear more.  I’m very much realizing that we made a lot more noise in the uk than in mainland Europe.

Secondly, for the countries where “organized” skepticism is in it’s infancy, they see an opportunity to join with other like minded individuals in an international campaign.  The international scale means that they may not feel so exposed by participating.

There are about 130 people here and as usual they are a mixed bag but there’s a good number of younger people.  Lots of scientists, doctors and psychologists.

Simon Singh has spoken this morning was very well received.  He also said some very nice things about the Merseyside Skeptics Society’s work on 10:23. Amardeo Sarma from the German skeptics did the same.

So it’s all systems go over here representing Merseyside Skeptics and 10:23 in Budapest.

More later.


  1. #1 by Christian Weihs on September 19, 2010 - 20:13

    Hey guys,

    it was really great meeting and hanging out with the lot of you. I hope you all made it home safe and sound.

    Andy, next time I’ll cover the cab 🙂


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