Righteous Indignation

I’m sure lots of you are aware that as well as my regular role on our ‘Skeptics with a K‘ podcast, and the odd showing on ‘Inkredulous‘, I also moonlight on weekly skeptical news show ‘Righteous Indignation’. If you were indeed previously aware of that – well done, 2 points, carry on. If this is startling, bewildering and infuriating news to you… well, for one thing, don’t over-react, it’s only a podcast. But it’s a decent podcast, and there’s lots of episodes for you to catch up on, starting with the latest episode…

Plus you can visit the website to catch previous episodes and subscribe on iTunes. Which you should, because apart from me being on it, it’s also pretty ace. Plus there’s new episode of Inkredulous and Skeptics with a K to look out for soon. You’re welcome.

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