Homeopaths Say The Darndest Things

With less than a week to go, time for another peek into the 10:23 Campaign inbox!  Starting with this effort, from Dr.Inderjeet Nanda:

u will get nowhere…good collection of assholes

And my response:

Thanks for your interest in our campaign! I also appreciate the tone of your debating technique – rather than explain to me why you believe I’m wrong, or offering evidence in favour of homeopathy, you’ve decided instead for the minimalist approach. Less is more, after all – it’s a homeopathic debating style, and a dedication to your art which I must admire. Also, I’m not sure why you choose to complement my ability to collect anuses – as yet I’ve not tried, but should I ever take up ass-collecting as a hobby I’ll do so with your ringing endorsement in my ears. All the best! Marsh

Good start! Next up, from John Orr:

Isn’t a campaign against homeopathy kind of like a campaign against pharmaceutical medications that have not been tested long enough, or selling hormones in milk when its known to cause cancer? I’d like to see how your campaign turns out cause if it does well…my friends across the globe and i will use your campaign method to enlighten the world about the siily and dangerous things that you want people to use instead of energy medicine which you would have no clue about being that you are thicker than granite.

And my response:

Thanks for your interest in our campaign! I think you’re almost correct – a campaign against homeopathy isn’t so much similar to a campaign against pharmaceutical medications that haven’t been tested enough, but it’s instead it’s much more like a campaign against pharmaceutical medications that HAVE been tested long enough, but have been proven not to work. With that small caveat, you’re right there, and in fact I’d like to go 100% on record as saying I’m against all medicines (or pseudomedicines) which have been proven not to work. Which includes homeopathy.

As for milk causing cancer, I think I may have missed that particular issue of the Daily Mail but it’s fair to say that as part of a healthy, balanced diet milk is perfectly safe, so I’m happy to put your mind at rest on that notion too.

I’m glad you’re hoping the campaign does turn out well, though – you don’t have to worry, there are lots of very passionate volunteers all around the world who are doing great work at exposing the nonsense of homeopathy, and already we’re seeing news outlets the world over investigating and reporting on the sham medicine, so I’m sure things will indeed go well. Once this is over, if you’d like any tips on how to expose the disproven pharmaceuticals, let me know – I’d be interested in helping out, when a medicine has been proven not to work it needs to be abandoned, and while the world is very good at doing this, there are certain elements which slip through the net. After all, this is why homeopathy is still being touted, despite having been disproven for centuries!

I’d suggest that in your quest to rid the world of useless medicines you evaluate what makes a good medicine, how we know whether it works or not, and how we can test things. If you could begin to look at what ‘energy’ medicine even means, too, this would be a great place to start. But then what do I know, after all I’m thicker than granite…

Thanks again for your interest,  good luck in your quest!

And finally, another good one, from simply ‘gisela’:

What garbage you write about Homeopathy – I read your entire website and found that you definitely do not know about Homeopathy. Thank god there are professional Homeopath that show and have the evidence that Homeopathy works. Even your Queen believes so – so you guys are not doing the world a favor. Get a life.
A US Homeopath

And my response:

Thanks for your interest in our campaign! First of all, may I just say thanks for taking the time to read through our entire website – we put a lot of time and energy into every word we write, so it’s encouraging to know that some people are reading it in such depth, thanks very much! Plus, it all helps the Google ranking (not that we need the help, of course). I’m interested to hear which elements of homeopathy we have wrong – is it the description of succussion? The dates of Hahnemann’s discoveries? All were researched, but I’m happy to correct if you can provide reliable updates. Similarly, if you can put me in touch with any one of those professional homeopaths who have evidence (of which, I assume from your tone, you likely consider yourself one) we’d be more than happy to look over it, and change our minds. As yet, no evidence has been remotely convincing, but I remain open-minded – I’d certainly say I’ve read more homeopathy papers than the Queen, which I suspect explains her ongoing support for this quackery. Still, fortunately for her she has the wealth of a nation to take care of her where homeopathy fails – this isn’t true of the many people around the world who are conned into believing in this useless system. Those people are our motivation.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Yours favourably and full of life,

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  1. #1 by Declan on January 31, 2011 - 21:10

    “u will get nowhere”

    That’ll be apart from NHS health boards dropping homeopathy due to campaigning from the likes of 10:23.

    Not as witty as your own response i admit.

  2. #2 by Travis Peterson on January 31, 2011 - 21:32

    I hope writing those responses is as effortless as it sounds when I read them. I don’t think I would have the energy to respond to more than a few a week.

    Keep up the good work, More people than you know are behind you…

  3. #3 by Jeff on January 31, 2011 - 21:50

    “u will get nowhere…good collection of assholes”

    I love it!
    A Homeopathic Complaint!
    The argument has been diluted out.
    Infinitesimal and ineffective.

  4. #4 by Marc Johnston on January 31, 2011 - 21:59

    Is that guy John Orr going to try overdosing on real medicine? What the he’ll does he mean by using your campaign method? Would remove one or two woo pricks from the gene pool but it’s a bit extreme and hilariously misunderstanding of him not to think this through, after all, real medicine actually has stuff in it…….

  5. #5 by David on January 31, 2011 - 22:16

    I just got a master class in response to quack criticisms.
    Pure Win.

  6. #6 by Rufus von Balcone on February 1, 2011 - 00:32

    “collection of assholes” = “ringing endorsement”

    Loving the punning.

  7. #7 by joe lillard on February 2, 2011 - 16:44

    To really learn facts about homeopathy please go to nationalcenterforhomeopathy.org

  8. #8 by Konrad with a K on February 3, 2011 - 05:24

    To Joe Lillard:

    Uhm. We ALREADY KNOW the facts about homeopathy. That’s why we reject the claim that it is anything other than nonsense.

    But allow me to explain some facts to YOU:
    Let’s say I have two vials of water. One is pure water and the other very slightly acidic. With a simple strip of litmus paper I you could identify which was which, correct? Good.

    Ok. Now let’s make it a little more complicated. Let’s say I give you two vials. Again, one is pure water but this time a slight amount of a PH neutral compound is dissolved into it. Any compound or element will work as long as it’s not visible in the solution. So pick anything you like! But what would you do? Litmus paper would not work if the solution is PH neutral, would it? But fear not! have you ever heard of a gas chromatography test? If not just google it. I’ll wait.

    Are you back now? Good. So now you know that you can place samples from the two vials into a gas chromatograph. You could then AGAIN be able to tell me which vial was which just as in our initial litmus paper test. Still with me? Good.

    I can go on and on citing examples of the many different ways we can identify which of two vials of a sample is pure water and which one contains a substance of some kind.

    But I think you’re already on board with the concept so I don’t feel that any more examples are needed.

    But just for poops and giggles here is a third and final example: Let’s say one vial is pure water and the other has some sugar dissolved into it. You don’t need litmus paper. You won’t need a gas chromatograph. Can you guess what amazing testing device could be used to identify which vial is which? Come on, I know you can do this… That’s right! Your tongue! I’m so proud of you! You could taste each vial and be able to tell me which vial of water was the one that had the sugar dissolved into it! Amazing, isn’t it?

    Now, here is where YOU are really going to be able to shine!:


    I’d like you to suggest a test for ME to conduct. I’d like you to suggest two vials two vials to me. One of pure water and one that has been made into a homeopathic solution via dilution. You can choose ANY homeopathic soultion you like!

    Can you tell me what kind of device of item (or anything) that I could use to determine which vial was the pure water and which one is the homeopathic “solution”.

    Take as long as you need! Simply come up with ANY kind of test and then please post it here.

    I’m sure that not only myself but the entire skeptical community will be waiting with baited breath! We LOVE doing tests! I can’t wait to conduct such a test! It would be very fun and educational. I might even have the kids help me with it so that I can teach them as well and they can share in the joy of learning.

    I’ll be waiting but like I said, take as much time as you need. I will periodically check this site for your response.

    I’m counting on you! I have faith in you so don’t let me down!

    Thank you so much,

    Konrad with a K

  9. #9 by Yong Han on February 3, 2011 - 20:11

    joe lillard :
    To really learn facts about homeopathy please go to nationalcenterforhomeopathy.org

    Now, I have read from the aforementioned website the following statement:
    “At best, it (medical community) accuses it (homeopathic community) of giving “placebos” despite double blind studies which demonstrate the absolutely undeniable efficacy of homeopathic treatments.”
    That is quite an interesting assertion, but I am not aware of these double blind studies that demonstrate the efficacy of homeopathy. If there is one and you know where I can find one, I’d be grateful to be informed of its whereabouts.

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