Skeptics with a K: Episode #110

Blood cells, plant cells and picture cells. Plus Catholic bacteria, dodgy dossiers, Superman II and David Kelly. Though Colin is on holiday in Anglesey – it’s still Skeptics with a K!

Featuring special guest host Geraint Parry!

  1. #1 by Brian on November 14, 2013 - 23:49

    Kudos on the screen resolution segment. The same thing is true for contrast ratios, manufactures are constantly claiming higher and higher contrast ratios for TVs and computer monitors which are very misleading. At a certain point, the human eye ceases to be able to see a difference, yet manufacturers continue to claim higher and higher ratios. There also isn’t any standard for measuring contrast ration so each manufacturer may be using a different scale.

  2. #2 by Rob on November 15, 2013 - 14:39

    Actually, there is a practical reason I’m impressed by a screen with that sort of resolution, and you nearly got there when you mentioned a screen being held 3 inches from your face – VR headset stuff like the Oculus Rift. A real limiting factor of the hardware is the screen, since increasing the pixel count normally means a larger headset and heavier screen, and the screen itself has to be split in two, so current models have a poor resolution.

  3. #3 by victor on November 17, 2013 - 10:20

    lol the review of this screen on gizmodo was basically the same as the review on the show. However the first commentor mentioned its use in the Oculus Rift and the author was quick to eat his words and accept the use in that application. pushing the bounderies of our tech is never a waste, it just empowers others who may need it.

  4. #4 by Mike Hall on November 17, 2013 - 13:29

    I’m not claiming that all ultra high-density displays are a waste of time. Oculus Rift is a great example of the appropriate use of this sort of technology.

    But I’d still argue that the deployment of UHiDPI on a mobile handset is more about looking nice of the spec sheet and sticking it to your competitors, than it is about actually serving the needs of your customers.

  5. #5 by martin on November 24, 2013 - 17:25

    I’m not sure what the point of the alleged Kelly conspiracy would have been? He’d already given his testimony to Parliament. and media coverage of it was intense. Too late for a cover up.

    It also seems to me that if you’re going to organize a shadowy conspiracy nowadays you have to take the history of conspiracy theories into account. It surely must be much harder than it used to be?

  6. #6 by JWRrr on November 27, 2013 - 05:25

    My tip is, that Samsung penis you think they’ll be waiving around when they launch these ultra-high density screens, will be firmly attached to your face in the form of something like the Rift HD or Glass of a Google nature.

    Perhaps Samsung are sneakily announcing they’ll have the plant to produce the required tech while boosting the economics of producing them by using them in more devices.

    To repeat, I predict you’ll not only wear one of these face penis implants, but you’ll sport them proudly.

  7. #7 by JWRrr on November 28, 2013 - 01:12

    Love the show by the way. Keep up the good work.

  8. #8 by Emanuel Landeholm on November 30, 2013 - 21:40

    Higher resolution lets you get away with laxer anti aliasing which may save you processing time/complexity/power usage. Analoguous to audio processing at 96 kHz.

  9. #9 by victor on December 25, 2013 - 17:57

    I managed to find a torrent for dweebs at it is behind a paywall tho….

  10. #10 by victor on December 25, 2013 - 18:08

    also dvd set tho it could be home made

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