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What do faith healers, Roman gladiators and anal probes have in common? – by Big Heritage

When: Thursday, February 19th, 2014,  8.00 PM

The answer is, they all take centre stage in the Roman Medicine Roadshow, a public education workshop organised by Merseyside-based non-profit organisation, Big Heritage.

Developed by a team of archaeologists and funded by the Wellcome Trust; this project explores medicine in the Roman world, and examines how human remains and archaeological discoveries can tell us more about the practicalities and ethics of medicine in the past. Exploring the past also helps shed light upon the logic of modern-day faith healing and sacred temples by viewing them through 2nd century eyes.

This talk will be given by archaeologists from Big Heritage, and will consist of a light-hearted lecture followed by an opportunity to handle a range of Roman medical tools and casts of human remains from Roman Britain displaying a range of diseases and impact traumas.

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Inside Britain’s Creationist Schools – by Jonny Scaramanga

When: Thursday, August 21st, 2014, 8.00 – 11.00 PM
Where: The Vines, 81 Lime St, Liverpool


Jonny Scaramanga attended a fundamentalist Christian school in the ’90s where he learned that the Loch Ness Monster disproved evolution, God disapproved of the NHS, and homosexuals were an abomination. He talks about what students learn in these schools today, and what we should do when the parent’s right to freedom of religion conflicts with the child’s right to a sound education.

Jonny is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Education, where he is researching student experiences in Britain’s 50 Accelerated Christian Education schools. He has written for the Guardian, the Times Education Supplement, New Humanist, and New Statesman. His broadcast appearances include BBC Radio 4, BBC2, BBC local radio, and Channel 4’s 4Thought TV. His blog, Leaving Fundamentalism, won the 2014 Ockham Award for Best Blog. You can follow @JonnyScaramanga on Twitter.

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Eggs, Milk, Holiday, Death – by Robin Ince

When: Thursday, June 19th, 2014, 6.30 – 8.00 PM
Where: The Vines, 81 Lime St, Liverpool

robinJoin us for an evening with Robin Ince as he mulls over being excited about being self-conscious in the universe for a finite amount of time, strange nights in the Monkey Cage with Brian Cox and reads from his favourite scientists, along with some shouting and confusion.

Robin is a presenter, comedian and writer – he currently presents the Infinite Monkey Cage on Radio 4 with Brian Cox.

He is also the creator of numerous shows (Bad Book Club, Happiness Through Science and the upcoming (Robin Ince is) In and Out of his Mind) and science events (The School for Gifted Children, Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People, Uncaged Monkeys and Robin and Brian’s Christmas Compendium of Reason).

You can find out more about Robin at

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