Here’s how Reverend Peter Popoff opened his first letter to me when I asked for a sample of his ‘miracle’ spring water:

‘Emma our prayer center received your phone call and I have been praying on you behalf non-stop ever since the operator gave me your name. Emma …, did I spell that correctly? When you called perhaps you thought it was by accident… I feel that A HIGHER POWER directed you to call. I HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO TELL YOU… SO PLEASE READ ON.

The opening line incorrectly states that I called a prayer center. (click to expand)

This apparently personal opening from ‘Petey’ was only slightly damaged by the assertion that I had called – I hadn’t, I’d actually filled out an email request form…

Still, nevermind, I’m sure Petey gets a lot of mail so we’ll let that one slide. After all, the letter does have lots of seemingly handwritten annotations – those must have taken him a long time. At least, that’s what I thought… until I received a second identical letter with the exact same ‘handwriting’ printed on it. Nevermind, Petey must be very, very busy.

Identical ‘handwritten’ additions to the Miracle Water letter (click to expand)


As you can see the letter is quite a tough read as it, like all of the letters I have received from him, is a complete horror show of CAPITALISATION and random bold text, but essentially the letter says that:

  1. I am going through some unspecified difficulty (money and/or health and/or relationships);

  2. God wants to help me with that;

  3. All I have to do is anoint myself with the miracle water;

  4. Send the empty packet back with my name on to Petey to show i’d done it;

  5. Oh and also send a £25 ‘seed gift’ to show my faith:

‘I am asking you to plant a a(his typo) Holy Consecrated Seed for a Great Harvest Offering of £25.00. NO, I don’t want you to send £45 or £105…No, SEND EXACTLY £25.00.

It is absolutely vital that I send this ‘seed’ money. This language conjures up the amusing image of Petey planning to literally plant this ‘seed’ in order to grow money trees for God to reward me with. Or, more realistically, an image of him planting seeds in order to grow  a tree-worth of paper to turn into lengthy and aggressively persistent letters requesting money to send to vulnerable and desperate people…It’s almost… almost, like Petey-the-Proven-Pretender is up to his old tricks again…

No way! I hear you uncritically cry. Surely no one would be so brazen?! Petey is a reformed man of God as can be seen by the many biblical quote smattered through each letter. Indeed he justifies this particular request for money using Luke 6:38:

‘According to St Luke 6:38… you MUST QUALIFY YOURSELF for a Supernatural Blessing… Yes, this this harvest of a great INCOME…’

There are also constant references to obedience – and speedy obedience at that:

After you use the Miracle Spring Water exactly as I direct take the small sticker and write your name on it and put it on the empty container. When I get it back I’ll know that you have acted in faith and followed the instructions of the man of God.’

Petey insists that I need to comply with his instructions as soon as possible so God can help me with the unspecified problem I have… and Petey speaks from experience:

‘..I have PERSONALLY overcome some of the same challenges you are now facing in my own life.’

Presumably a reference to his little earpiece faux pas…

The other really weird thing about the letter was the sheer volume of stuff it contained. The Miracle Water letter consists of a 4-page (pink, double-sided) letter, plus a second envelope containing the water itself as well as another 4 page note, which also had with it a sticker to attach to the empty water packet, and then a self-addressed pre-paid envelope in order to send the whole lot back to Petey (or at least to the PO Box address for Peter Popoff Ministries Ltd – which is PPM Ltd, PO Box 6279, London, W1A 6DN if you feel like sending him any correspondence).

Another thing about the composition of the letters is the sheer volume of them that Petey sends after a single prayer request. While I was still considering my first water letter with befuddled disbelief I received 3 more letters! This was without any response from me to the first one. Each of the letters were as voluminous as the first. These letters, however, didn’t contain water – they contained various other miracle items and… more requests for money.

2015-03-01 20.37.09

The contents of the first letter from Popoff (click to expand)

At the time I didn’t feel I could spare the £25 asked for in the original water letter, but I thought God would understand my circumstances, so I sent back the form back to Petey explaining it all, and enclosed in the envelope some copper coins that I had found so at least I had sown a little ‘seed’ for good measure. I fear that these coins were fairly weighty and may has caused Petey to incur additional postage costs-but I felt I needed to give something back and this was the very least I could do…

Speaking of money (as Petey almost constantly seems to be), for my whole series of posts about Petey’s letters I’m going to keep track of the amount of money he’s asked for using the patented ‘Popoff Plush Pad Pot’ totaliser. Not that I want to suggest that Petey has materialistic rather than spiritual motivations, of course…

Current Popoff Plush Pad Pot Total: £25.00.

So I now had four letters from Petey, and this was just the beginning…

Next time: A veritable slick of grimy-yet-godly Oil.

Potscript: As I mentioned in my first blog my dog Evie is now receiving letters from Petey. She has had three sent to her so far, in just over three weeks. Her Miracle Water letter states a miracle will occur for her on 19th April 2015 as long as she follows Petey’s instructions.

It seems odd that God would concern himself with the financial position of an admittedly-cute canine, but oh well, mysterious ways and all that. Obviously I am far, far too late to be able to use my miracle spring water to heal what ails me as I received my letters a few years ago – but for Evie, there is still hope. Therefore she has followed the instructions in Petey’s missive to the letter. Well, almost. As a dog she doesn’t actually have any money to send Petey… but we’ve managed to work something out, so i’ll keep you updated.


Evie drinks her ‘Miracle’ water

Evie peruses her Popoff post

Evie peruses her Popoff post

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  1. #1 by Mike on March 4, 2015 - 13:53

    PPM Ltd doesn’t exist, nor does the address quoted. However….Word For The World Ministries Ltd does exist, as does Word For the World Mailing and Fulfilment Ltd. Both companies have Peter Popoff and Nickolas Popoff as directors. The first company had a turnover of £504,000 in 2012 so there’s plenty of money in the Popoff’s Plush Pad Pot.

  2. #2 by Emma on March 4, 2015 - 19:20

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the heads-up, you are right.

    The PPM Ltd address was the one on the pre-paid envelopes I received a few years ago. Apologies for the oversight.

    The ones being sent to Evie have a PO Box address of Freepost RTGZ-THKX-URSB, WFTW UK Ltd, PO Box 1249, Crawley, RH10 0JD.

  3. #3 by Josette cocks on November 3, 2015 - 10:56

    I just see you on the tv I want to receive

    The miracle sping water address

  4. #4 by Josette cocks on November 3, 2015 - 10:59


  5. #5 by Frankie on January 19, 2016 - 10:10

    Ok here it goes. My 2 sense based on briefly reading this thoroughly I am just going to reflect on 4 things you said that stood out. The bible tells you ” he who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly” . Peter is a self proclaimed profit meaning he has taken it up with God to minister to those who are in need of God. It seems to me like satan is in the works as many already know to destroy and mislead those at the brink of deliverance. What better way to do that than tearing down a rich and quite successful reverend. Like Peter? You cannot grudgingly give to the church and expect the lord to pleased with your reason for doing what essentially is expected from all christians. Peter pop off is yes rich. Why ? Well god tends to bless generously to those who serve him despite all the accusations of a being a fraud a (king of the Jews) savior many who serve the lord are ridiculed. Your brass coins are not a sacrifice they were not given because you were glad to pay your tithes. You sent to a token of brass but to God you have revealed your reluctancy to completely yield to him. Peter has sent you many letters it seems, how many of them have you taken the time to respond to, God knows your heart and God wants to be close to all of us. It is up to us to make the decision to serve him, this means when you feel the need to feed of thoughts deception you should seek the lord. You could have easily have done a web search to help you understand why there are extremely wealthy rich pastors Christians and why must you still give to gods kingdom. But instead you feed into the trap set. And this must have taken far more time to do. Furthering potentially harmful assumptions on Gods chosen. Now just step back here to reflect the devil has inadvertently used you, your doing it it’s here online to try and hinder teachings of Christ and cast doubt. If this is how Satan works then, know the Lord uses Christians in a much more powerful way. Even Christians criticize those who are wealthy Christians and they too give sparingly.

    God bless you.

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