Merseyside Skeptics’ March Megamix

398800_262088850543904_23500888_nWhen:  Thursday, March 19th, 2015, 8.00 – 11.00 PM
Where: The Vines, 81 Lime St, Liverpool

For our March Skeptics in the Pub talk, we thought we’d do something different, which is why rather than one speaker we thought we’d give you six! Giving a short talk as part of our Merseyside Skeptics March Megamix will be:

  • Mike Hall – President of Merseyside Skeptics Society – on the Monty Hall problem and counter-intuitive maths
  • Michael Marshall – Vice President of Merseyside Skeptics Society – on high street allergy tests
  • Laurie Phillips – on perpetual motion machines
  • Emma McClure – on forensic science and errors in the criminal justice system
  • Geraint Parry – on Science and May 7th

So, we’ll see you in The Vines, Lime Street from 8pm on March 19th for something a little different!


*Please note: Due to the unexpectedly early arrival of his daughter Rosalind, Tom Williamson will no longer be speaking at this event. I’m sure you’ll all join us in understanding his withdrawal, and congratulate him on his fatherhood!*

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