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Skeptics with a K: Episode #148

Internet time, Light Night, brain-boosting orange juice, and seminiferous tubules. Plus decapsulated testes, learning to swim, disappointing books, and two hours of pornography. Still buffering, it’s Skeptics with a K.



Evidence matters. And it matters that we ask for it – by Chris Peters

11112798_816780435074740_7526680901167965497_oWhen:  Thursday, June 18th, 2015, 8.00 – 11.00 PM
Where: The Vines, 81 Lime St, Liverpool

This isn’t just a simple talk; it’s a call to arms. Every day, we hear claims about what is good for our health, bad for the environment, how to improve education, cut crime, and treat disease. Some are based on reliable evidence and scientific rigour. Many are not. These claims can’t be regulated; every time one is debunked another pops up – like a game of whack-a-mole. So how can we make companies, politicians, commentators and official bodies accountable for the claims they make? If they want us to vote for them, believe them, or buy their products, then we should ask them for evidence, as consumers, patients, voters and citizens.

The Ask for Evidence campaign has seen people ask a retail chain for the evidence behind its MRSA resistant pyjamas; ask a juice bar for the evidence behind wheatgrass detox claims; ask the health department about rules for Viagra prescriptions; ask for the studies behind treatments for Crohn’s disease, and hundreds more. As a result, claims are being withdrawn and bodies held to account.

This is geeks, working with the public, to park their tanks on the lawn of those who seek to influence us. And it’s starting to work. Come and hear what the campaign is going to do next and how you can get involved.

Dr Chris Peters is the Scientific Liaison at Sense About Science, a charity aiming to put science and evidence in the hands of the public.

Our speaker events have wheelchair access, via a portable ramp which can be installed on-demand. If possible, please let us know you’re coming through or on 07534 418 218 so we can make sure the ramp is ready.

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Skeptics with a K: Episode #147

Crystal beds, purple vibrators, yoga positions, and cock chakras. Plus Metro-Gnomes, absent islands, glitter herpes, and Ultron. Laughing and vomiting while a piano plays, it’s the multi-award-losing Skeptics with a K.




When we left off a little while ago, Reverend Popoff (or ‘Petey’ to his friends/collaborators) had sent me my miracle water and I was working out how best to respond. Just as I was doing this another letter arrived. And then another. And another.

Each of these new letters were basically the same as the previous water letter – the only difference was that these later letters contained a range of different ‘miracle’ things that I had to use. Along with, of course, further demands from God to show faith and send more ‘seed’ gifts/money to Petey…

The miracle items can generally be split down into a number of themes, and one of these gift themes was ‘oil’. Quite a lot of oil. A seeming slick of oil, in fact. For whatever purpose, it’s seems God was very keen that I was well *ahem* lubricated.

The first of these slimy letters contained ‘Holy Debt Cancelling Green Prosperity Oil’ and a long, long letter genuinely containing the phrase “A BEAUTIFUL BOX FILLED WITH MANY BEAUTIFUL MIRACLES”.


A beautiful box filled with beautiful miracles. Beautiful. (click to expand)

It seemed that Petey’s sleep had been disturbed (rather disturbingly) by me…

I am still quite shaken after seeing the vision which interrupted my sleep so intensely. I can never forget the beautiful things God let me see. I felt you so close to me

This bordering-on-creepy approach only got worse as he began to talk about what God has in store for me if I do indeed follow Petey’s instructions:

Emma, your soon-to-be climatic life is now in the very direct future and will shortly blossom forth in a meteor of unparalleled victory and splendor.

Yeah. Is it just me that finds that a bit… icky? It’s not, right? In any case, setting Petey’s questionable pick-up techniques aside, he went on to tell me that a couple of important dates were coming up for me, where blessings would be poured upon me. Read the rest of this entry »

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Be Reasonable: Episode #028 – Bogdan Ziarko

Joining Marsh this month is Bogdan Ziarko – a faith healer and exorcist. You can find out more about Bogdan’s work at