When we left off a little while ago, Reverend Popoff (or ‘Petey’ to his friends/collaborators) had sent me my miracle water and I was working out how best to respond. Just as I was doing this another letter arrived. And then another. And another.

Each of these new letters were basically the same as the previous water letter – the only difference was that these later letters contained a range of different ‘miracle’ things that I had to use. Along with, of course, further demands from God to show faith and send more ‘seed’ gifts/money to Petey…

The miracle items can generally be split down into a number of themes, and one of these gift themes was ‘oil’. Quite a lot of oil. A seeming slick of oil, in fact. For whatever purpose, it’s seems God was very keen that I was well *ahem* lubricated.

The first of these slimy letters contained ‘Holy Debt Cancelling Green Prosperity Oil’ and a long, long letter genuinely containing the phrase “A BEAUTIFUL BOX FILLED WITH MANY BEAUTIFUL MIRACLES”.


A beautiful box filled with beautiful miracles. Beautiful. (click to expand)

It seemed that Petey’s sleep had been disturbed (rather disturbingly) by me…

I am still quite shaken after seeing the vision which interrupted my sleep so intensely. I can never forget the beautiful things God let me see. I felt you so close to me

This bordering-on-creepy approach only got worse as he began to talk about what God has in store for me if I do indeed follow Petey’s instructions:

Emma, your soon-to-be climatic life is now in the very direct future and will shortly blossom forth in a meteor of unparalleled victory and splendor.

Yeah. Is it just me that finds that a bit… icky? It’s not, right? In any case, setting Petey’s questionable pick-up techniques aside, he went on to tell me that a couple of important dates were coming up for me, where blessings would be poured upon me.


The contents of the first ‘oil’ letter (click to expand)

Needless to say, the whole affair followed the same formatting as the water letter in that there was a really long letter full of BOLD, italic, authoritative instructions, accompanied by a second envelope that I wasn’t meant to open until I’d first read the initial letter, plus a further sheet of paper inside the second envelope, plus an oil sachet and a return envelope. All I had to do with the oil was anoint various things depending on what issues I had – so anoint parts of my body if I was unwell (there is no details about what the oil actually is, luckily I don’t have any allergies I’m aware of), anoint my wallet if I had money issues, that sort of thing. Then I needed to simply send the packet back to Petey and that was that.

Oh, I also needed to send Petey £210.00.

As long as I did all of this correctly, I was guaranteed to get £2010 in return, or even £20,100 (this was in 2010… get it? Get it?!).

The various oils Popoff sent to me. (click to expand)

The various oils Popoff sent to me. (click to expand)

The odd thing was that these letters didn’t make reference to one another. It seemed like Petey kept forgetting the messages he had previously received from God for me, and that God kept forgiving me for my lack of previous ‘seed ‘ gifts… as long as I sent one this time. For example, one letter promised I would be sent some Frankincense and Myrrh anointing oil as long as I sent a seed gift. It was extremely precious, only to be given to the most faithful (read: generous) people. But when I failed to respond at all, a few weeks later a letter arrived containing this precious oil, for free. Plus a request for me to send Petey my money.

Finally there was another oil letter making three in total, each was very much the same. However miracle liquids were far from all Petey was going to send to me…

Popoff Plush Pad Pot: £315.00 (from 4 letters)

Next time: All that glitters isn’t gold.

Postscript: Evie has received several more letters since the water one mentioned in my last post. April 19th happens to be her birthday. She did receive a few more treats that day so maybe, in dog terms, the water worked for her!

2015-04-19 10.48.49

Birthday girl. (click to expand)

Evie has been sent miracle seeds (paper, not real unfortunately), a miracle candle and a miracle rubber. (click to expand)




Postscript postscript: And for those people who saw my QED skepticamp talk Petey also finally wrote to us all.

Though the letters were a little damp. It seems that this batch of miracle water was so miraculous it burst out before it arrived in the post…


Three somewhat soggy letters have been sent to Skepticamp so far. (click to expand)

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