Be Reasonable: Episode #029 – Ian Jacklin

Joining Marsh this month is former Kickboxer, actor and alternative cancer activist Ian Jacklin. In 2007 Ian produced the film “ICureCancer.Com”, which examined people’s experiences of alternative cures for cancer.

  1. #1 by Craig Walner on June 1, 2015 - 12:45

    Adding sea salt to the soil to improve crop quality and yield?!? Yes, lets ask the Roman Empire Era Israelites how salting the Earth worked for them?

  2. #2 by Stu Belcher on June 1, 2015 - 13:42

    I used to watch every poor martial arts film out there – Kickboxer 3 was particularly bad, though I always remember the antagonist fighter had a particularly impressive 6 pack. Even more impressive considering how much fruit cake he must consume. Question: is drinking milk of magnesia by the gallon a cure for Cancer? And Autism? And Measles? If only it was around when Leprosy was prevalent (probably suppressed by tiny bell salesman).

  3. #3 by Malcolm on June 1, 2015 - 23:26

    “It took took tens years to build it isn’t going to kill you tomorrow….take your time…”

    That is VERY bad advice.

  4. #4 by Gary Clay on June 2, 2015 - 02:21

    I believe the reason the “locusts” and other bugs attacked crops even back in Egyptian days is because of mono-culture. Mono-culture depletes the soil of the nutrients that protect the crops and make them healthy as well as us.

  5. #5 by pdubyah on June 2, 2015 - 02:49

    It was going so so well, and then he spoke.

  6. #6 by Brendan Murnane on June 2, 2015 - 03:16

    Wow. That’s about all I can say except for that guy is all the crazy!

  7. #7 by eupraxo on June 2, 2015 - 04:32

    Godwin’d the first time he spoke.

  8. #8 by eupraxo on June 2, 2015 - 05:57

    Oh boy, let’s run through this, shall we?

    Stupid movie name ✓ (okay okay, low shot…)
    God chooses favourites and led one woman to naturally do what she needed to do to cure her cancer ✓
    Alkaline/acid diet and body PH ✓
    Acidic saliva PH definitely means you have cancer ✓
    “Cut out all sugar” but did lots of juicing?
    All western medicine bad, all alternative medicine good ✓
    Vaccinations are bad ✓
    Vaccinations cause autism ✓
    Correlation = causation ✓
    60 vaccinations (even NVIC only claims 49, and this is for 14 – 16 things, not 60 different things)
    Nazis! ✓
    Organic ✓
    Oregano and colloidal silver instead of antibiotics ✓
    Alternative medicine doesn’t ever do anything bad to you ✓
    Evidence from personal experience ✓
    Pesticides are an Illuminati conspiracy to reduce the population (Jesus Christ!) ✓
    Georgia Guidestones ✓ (He doesn’t even get the basic info right on it)
    (We’re only 12 minutes in here, folks…)
    Pesticides changed the plants “energy” ✓
    Plant sweat, “I’m just making it up, but I’m trying to make a point” (???)
    Sea Salt in your farming dirt is better than pesticides ✓
    “I’m clairvoyant / clairsentient / empath” ✓
    Third eye / sixth sense ✓
    Energy is energy and everything is energy and bad energy, etc… ✓
    3% chemotherapy success rate ✓
    Surgery spreads cancer ✓
    Cannabis hemp oil cures cancer ✓
    Vitamin Injections ✓
    Detoxing / cleansing ✓
    New World Order ✓
    Big pharma ✓
    Rockefeller ✓
    9/11 Inside Job ✓
    Bilderberg = Illuminati ✓
    All cancer research is a conspiracy ✓
    Doctors *MURDER* 1000s a day with drugs and vaccinations ✓
    He wants to be proven wrong and that’s why he made the movie (Sure…) ✓
    Royal Raymond Rife “beam machine” that cures almost all diseases ✓
    Baking soda saved his life ✓
    The old “I’m not the smartest guy, I’m just a normal guy” so trust me gambit ✓
    “I just started looking into it and found out the truth” ✓
    Oldskool cancer radiation therapy is better than modern (????????)
    “Follow your heart” ✓
    Boosting the immune system ✓
    Andrew Wakefield was right, is right, always will be right ✓
    Doesn’t know anything about Polio, why we get vaccinated for it or even the timeline of vaccinations ✓
    Polio is coming back because Bill Gates is vaccinating Africa ✓
    The Amish don’t have autism ✓
    Chemtrails ✓
    Meridian lines ✓
    Media zionists ✓
    UFO’s / aliens ✓
    Fillings ✓
    Knights Templar ✓
    Cancer cells and other diseases have a particular “frequency” ✓
    Law of attraction ✓
    Pineal gland ✓
    Aspartame ✓
    Fluoride ✓
    Psychic ✓
    The flouride in bottled water is put there and is not naturally occuring ✓

    Holy. Freaking. Crap.

  9. #9 by Chikoppi on June 2, 2015 - 06:28

    Argh! Ian sounds like a really nice guy. It seems as though he has insulated himself within a reinforcing community. The litany of conspiracy tropes and woo that he rattled off touched on everything but alien abduction and cryptozoology. It’s sad. I’d feel for him, if it weren’t for his advocating of dangerous pseudoscience and anti-vaccine activism.
    Well done again. A patient conversation in which you probed and tested his beliefs without becoming antagonistic.

  10. #10 by Dennis on June 2, 2015 - 07:31

    Marsh, I’m a Californian who listens to all the Merseyside podcasts. This one is the one that made me the saddest of all to listen to, quite honestly. Many of these are an entertaining trip on the nutty side of humanity, but this one was dark for me.

    I just can’t help but sympathize with the families of all the cancer victims he has “helped” avoid medicine, particularly breast cancer which is largely treatable if done so early.

    The most depressing thing of all is that he and his ilk are quite apparently immune to evidence (frown).

  11. #11 by Avashem on June 2, 2015 - 13:48

    On behalf of all Canadians, I apologize for this festering pile of crap! I don’t mean the man himself, but what flew out of his mouth. Proof positive that Ontario’s public school system is not up to snuff. Honestly, I nearly threw my Ipod out the window 2 minutes into hearing him talk and I loathe when these fools say ‘just my opinion and what I have observed’, talk about the weakest of the weak dodges! Oh boy, I always have to take deep, cleansing breaths 😉 when I listen to these episodes. Marsh, you have my full admiration for being so calm and reasonable in the face of hysteria and unreasonableness (if that is a word). Thanks for making my blood pump more rapidly today!

  12. #12 by Sigmun Lloyd on June 2, 2015 - 14:45

    So far down the rabbit hole he can’t even see reality from where he is. Dangerous, simply dangerous. Literally Killing people.

  13. #13 by -=PaRiAh=- on June 2, 2015 - 15:45

    I keep meaning to post ‘thankyous’ you MSS for all content but never seem to get around to it, until now.

    That was probably one of the best Be Reasonables for pure, organic, grass-fed bat-shittery. Loved it.

    Thanks Michael and the MSS team. Keep it up.

  14. #14 by Gold (@unifex) on June 2, 2015 - 20:32

    Chikoppi :
    The litany of conspiracy tropes and woo that he rattled off touched on everything but alien abduction and cryptozoology.

    I suspect, given enough time, he would have gotten there. Ian appears to believe all the conspiracies.

    Marsh, I don’t know how you manage to remain so calm during these, but I’m grateful that you manage to.


  15. #15 by Declan on June 3, 2015 - 01:01

    That was the very definition of Gish Galloping.

    I look forward to Marsh’s response in 2019 after he’s had the time to properly cover every point made by Ian.

  16. #16 by DaveT on June 3, 2015 - 21:33

    OK so I know the flavour of the program is to be well mannered and non confrontational and hence encourage other woo mongers to come on and show their idiocy…. But I get infuriated listening… The amount of bovine excretion flowing into my ears (a frequency maybe haha) just baffles me… Sometimes I want some Matt Dillahunty slap downs!!!! Thank goodness for the SWAK show when we get to hear the real review of the Be Reasonable show.

    You guys are awesome, been listening for years now, I appreciate all you guys and gals do. You are making a difference, changing lives, and a have truly changed the way I think, and I’m softly softly spreading the philosophy.

  17. #17 by Richard on June 5, 2015 - 09:49

    Holy shit, Marsh. I think you may have found the least skeptical person on the planet. Keep up the good work mate.

  18. #18 by Simon on June 6, 2015 - 20:43

    Hi Marsh,
    I marveled at some of your other guests credulity and need to spread their viral memes.
    But this guy has his own Woo-gravity, so much so that half way in I started to think it was a wind up!.
    Classic example of someone who at his own admission is not the sharpest tool in the box, thinks he is smarter than he is.
    Probably no one ever really tries to correct him – he’s an intimidating kick boxer – so he thinks he’s right.
    He seemed generally confused by much of what you said and couldn’t even answer a straight question. Sad it is so easy for these people to get media oxygen, instead of the obscurity they deserve.
    Keep it up, Mike, Alice & Yourself do a great job & the Woo just keeps coming.

  19. #19 by Antony Wootten on June 7, 2015 - 22:34

    I’ve been listening to you fellas for a year or so now. I spend many hours a day in a car, which gives me plenty of time to work my way through your old episodes of Be Reasonable and Skeptics with a K. I love them both. (I recently finished the entire back catalogue of Skeptoid episodes, to which I was addicted, and you have more than filled the hole in my life that left!) Now, a couple of points about Ian Jacklin:
    1) Isn’t he (and others like him) in stark breach of the 1939 Cancer Act? I suppose the answer to that is ‘No, he’s Canadian’. Do they not have an equivalent act over there though?
    2) I was really intrigued when he said that he thought he’d probably had prostate cancer a few years ago. That doesn’t sound like a firm medical diagnosis to me! I wonder if the many people he claims to have cured had had similarly vague or non-existent diagnoses. If he is happy to believe someone has cancer based on a PH reading taken from their saliva coupled with a bit of guess work, perhaps many of the people he claims to have cured – himself included – never even had cancer in the first place.

    A fascinating interview as always, Marsh, but deeply disturbing too.

  20. #20 by Heather on June 10, 2015 - 20:30

    I was utterly amazed at this whole interview, but while Michael Marshall stuck to his original plan and stayed polite and reasonable throughout, I longed for him to say ‘you have not answered my question.’ Time after time, Jacklin veered way off the point and did not engage at all in anything like ‘debate’. So (for example) we never did get to find out his view on why anti-vaxxers also think 9/11 was a plot devised by the U.S. Government. Or whether people who feel their lives are out of control are more likely to be into woo. Because he never answered a question !!! Aargh!!!!!

  21. #21 by Kamil on June 15, 2015 - 01:26

    I had a comment-battle on Facebook recently. The guy I was talking to brought less than a half of conspiracy ideas to our talk. And it was for me too much that I logged off from Facebook for a week.
    Marsh, I wonder how you do that? How come you can speak so calmly and keep polite even when the opposing side has aggressive tone. Please, include that in the next Skeptics with A K podcast.
    You have talked few times why you talk (mostly to let other people hear your conversation) but you never explained how you do that you are not getting upset, angry, frustrated.

    Keep up with a great work.
    Bests from Poland.

  22. #22 by Brantley on June 29, 2015 - 03:11

    Marsh, I don’t see how you stay so cool in the midst of this insanity. Ian seems like a nice guy though. Too bad he’s so wrong.

  23. #23 by Lyn on August 6, 2015 - 13:03

    While I may have started screaming at you to hurt him somewhere around 3.40, I respect the hell out of your ability to remain calm.

    But I kinda wanted you to hurt him.

  24. #24 by Simon on August 15, 2015 - 23:09

    I tried to think of something original to write, but everyone covered it before me. I’ll just say that I couldn’t tell if the chap was merely deluded or actually diagnosable. Marsh, your calm borders on the supernatural.

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