Be Reasonable: Episode #032 – Frank Strasser

Joining Marsh this month is Frank Strasser, an artist and 9/11 truther who runs the website Actors & Artists for 9/11 truth.

Unfortunately, this interview from July 2014 was affected by an issue with recording equipment, which means the last 10 minutes of the conversation was lost – but hopefully you can enjoy the rest of the conversation.

  1. #1 by Erik on September 28, 2015 - 21:42

    Strasser – “The way they (towers) fell, just looked funny”.

    Well, that’s some sciency stuff if I’ve ever heard. “Looked funny.”

    Just how do 100 story buildings look when they collapse?

    Strasser – “I defy anyone to not conclude it looks like a controlled demolition”.

    Good lord. Another idiot truther.

    Nothing more to see/hear.

  2. #2 by Eggman on October 2, 2015 - 08:27

    Good interview .. pity about the last ten minutes.

    Also a pity that he rolls out the bare minimum bog standard truther arguments which have been dealt with time and time again

  3. #3 by Chris on October 3, 2015 - 05:02

    I loved the last part where Marsh wonders why one truther argument was that steel should not weaken with heat, since that behavior was used for centuries by blacksmiths.

    This whole thing is frustrating. I took and actually passed my material science class when I was getting my engineering degree. I do know that what heat does to solid steel, and aluminum.

    Not everyone knows that aluminum actually burns (and is an ingredient in thermite). It was not only the jet fuel that burned, but also the aluminum skin. Solid rocket fuel is powdered aluminum and an oxidizer. When an aircraft collides into an object and there is an explosion, the aluminum will be turned into small particles. This makes it more likely to burn.

    Also, today the Science Magazine podcast had a bit about making safer jet fuel.

    Of course being the brilliant person I am, I recently tried to burn financial papers in a metal bin but to keep the bits from flying off with some aluminum screening (a drought year, so did not want to cause a fire elsewhere). I had to put it out quickly, because just after I lit the papers the screen actually caught on fire from the flames! Um, yes… I totally forgot my education. I took the papers to a place that does document shredding.

  4. #4 by David on March 9, 2016 - 22:25

    “Lost” the last 10 mins of the interview? Coincidence? Or was it deleted by the Lizard overlords…ask yourself that sheeple!

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