Be Reasonable: Episode #033 – Andy Thomas

Andy Thomas is an author and conspiracy theorist whose book The Truth Agenda and Conspiracies explores a range of conspiracy theories and the areas of their overlap.

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  1. #1 by Malcolm on November 3, 2015 - 22:26

    Sorry but I just don’t buy his theses.

    Until the conspiracy theorists stop moving the goal posts they will never get any satisfaction from a public enquiry or in-depth investigation. They aren’t, in my experience, processing evidence in a rational way in the first place. Any academic work, news source or enquiry that doesn’t give them the answer they want will be denounced as a part of a wider conspiracy.

    The interviewee also has an absolute nerve to bringing up Jimmy Saville and Hillsborough. Those scandals by exposed the old fashioned way: by hard graft. Saville was finally exposed by investigative journalists and former police detectives who painstakingly located and interviewed victims of Saville, some of whom had been abused 30 years a ago. Hillsborough Independent Panel was set up after 2 decades of tireless campaigning by the victims families.

    While this was happening an army of conspiracy “researchers” were googling about the moon hoax and the Illuminati. You know the important stuff.

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