Have your say on NHS Homeopathy funding in Liverpool

Back in June the Good Thinking Society challenged NHS Liverpool CCG over their decision to spend over £30,000 per year on homeopathic remedies. Given that homeopathy has proven to be nothing other than placebo, Good Thinking (where I work full time as Project Director) argued that spending any money at all on this treatment was unjustifiable and possibly unlawful.

In June, NHS Liverpool CCG withdrew their funding decision and promised to re-consult on the issue. It’s now the time for supporters of evidence-based medicine to have their say, and to explain to NHS Liverpool CCG why spending money on treatments that don’t work is unacceptable.

The process is simple, and can be done via an online form: http://www.liverpooltalkshealth.info/homeopathy

After registering, the survey takes just 5 minutes to complete. If you are not a resident of Liverpool, you can still offer your views – simply skip the questions that require a Liverpool perspective.

This is a rare and genuine opportunity for the skeptical community to have our say, and to make our opinions known. If we do not speak up now, then only homeopaths will contribute to the consultation and funding will likely continue.

Please take 5 minutes to ensure the reputation of the NHS is not used to lend credibility to a system of alternative medicine that can offer no benefits to patients. Take the survey now >>

If you’d like to understand more about the consultation, the accompanying FAQs offer some insights into the issues surrounding homeopathy in Liverpool.

Once you’ve taken the survey, be sure to share it with friends and colleagues – the more support NHS Liverpool CCG gets for ending homeopathy funding, the better chance we have of helping them make this decision happen.

  1. #1 by Dorothy Mantooth on December 20, 2015 - 15:22

    Taken! This is the comment I left at the end:

    Homeopathy DOES NOT WORK. It’s ridiculous that the NHS even considers providing a useless, pointless “treatment” to people, paid for by our taxes, when that money could be spent on actual medicine. I have carpal tunnel syndrome and have twice, when filling a prescription for the pain medication I occasionally take for it, had pharmacists ask me if I wouldn’t prefer to try cinnamon oil or some other nonsense. I shudder to think what my response might have been had I not known that homeopathy etc. are hogwash, and how much pain I might have experienced from that. These pharmacists felt comfortable recommending such foolishness to me because the NHS puts a stamp of approval on these non-treatments by funding them. I urge you to stop giving taxpayer money to these quacks and woo-peddlers and, by doing so, make clear that the NHS stands for science and medicine, not “magic water” or sugar pills. People look to you to see what is right and what works, and when you give your stamp of approval to foolishness by funding it, it affects EVERYONE. This is not Elizabethan England; we do not have to rely on witch-doctors and superstition to treat illnesses anymore, but by funding homeopathy you open the door not only to it but to all other sorts of silliness, thus giving the impression that treating disease by urinating on a tree while chanting an incantation may be just as legitimate as chemotherapy. After all, drinking water that once sat in a jug in the same room as some grass is NHS-sponsored “medicine,” so why isn’t burning some acorns the same? Why not use “The Golden Bough” as a handbook in surgeries?

    The list of people killed by quack medicine is depressingly long. Many of those people might have made a different choice if they didn’t believe, thanks to the NHS funding–and thus approving–of such quackery, that it might work. Please take a stand and tell people clearly and unequivocally that you will no longer condone fake medicine. You can save lives here. Thank you.

  2. #2 by Uncle Awie on December 20, 2015 - 21:26

    Hi Guys.

    I have sent my 2p worth to the site.

    Be aware that this website is not delivered in a secure way. Login credentials, postcodes, comments and any disclosed medical history are all sent over HTTP not HTTPS and hence will be visible to your ISP and any other network provider between you and this website.

    Oddly the site does offer an valid SSL Certificate via HTTPS but that is for openforum.westminster.gov.uk, so who knows who else will have access to the data you disclose.

    Can I recommend to everyone that submits to this site to ensure you do not use a password that you have used on any other site. If you have used a password that you use for something more valuable (Gmail, Facebook etc), then please change the password on that site to ensure it is not compromised.



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