Be Reasonable: Episode #050 – Theresa Cheung

Joining Marsh this episode is spiritualist and author of over fifty books, Theresa Cheung.

  1. #1 by Fiona Sutton on March 27, 2018 - 14:49

    I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. Theresa is a very genuine spiritual author and speaker; and very humble with it. I am one of those people whose story has been aired in her books and as Theresa rightly pointed out, my experiences have completely changed my life. The more you open up to the spiritual side of life, the more you draw miracles to yourself. But I do accept that until the “impossible” happens to you, it can be a hard thing to believe. On the subject of Mediums, a friend of mine recently had an amazing reading where the messages were conveyed through writing. She only gave the lady her Christian name, so she can not be accused of researching the information. Not only did the handwriting and written style change between the messages, but every detail recorded in the four page writings, related to my friend’s life. These were not general statements; they were very specific. Everything that was said, I could relate to my friends life and the people in it. If it had been a reading for me, I wouldn’t have been able to relate to a single thing. There was even a mention that a baby girl was to be born into the family in the next twelve months. Just weeks after this reading, it was discovered that my friend’s son and girlfriend were having a baby. It has now been confirmed as a girl. The medium had also put six names on the top of the page as people who are very significant to my friend, some who have passed and some still alive. I was gobsmacked! The first two were the names of the first two people who had come through on the Reading, the next three were all close family members. The sixth was unknown; someone significant in the future maybe? I am in no doubt that there are some seriously gifted mediums out there, and a lot like this lady are keeping a very low profile. I think it is very sad that we are all brought up to be so cynical, as we are missing out on the true magic of life. I applaud the work of Theresa Cheung, who is doing everything in her power to lead people back to the truth from which we have all become so disconnected. In finding that truth, we can all live with so much more peace and joy.

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