Tickets now available to MSSX – the 10th anniversary of the Merseyside Skeptics Society

Celebrate ten years of the Merseyside Skeptics Society with us, at our special one-day event at the Liner Hotel in Liverpool.

It’s been ten years since the first meeting of the MSS, and ten years since the first episode of Skeptics with a K – the UK’s longest-running skeptical podcast. In that time, we have:

  • led an international flashmob protest against homeopathy,
  • challenged the UK’s most notorious psychic to prove her ability,
  • actually tested three people who believe they have psychic abilities,
  • invited the people of Liverpool to a review our made-up homeopathic vodka,
  • closed down a company who claimed to ‘un-clump’ your blood,
  • investigated countless healers, cancer quacks and mediums,
  • had our palms read, our auras cleansed, our energy fields Reiki’d and our Qi gong-ed,
  • co-founded the UK’s largest gathering of skeptics and critical thinkers,
  • hosted more than 100 free events for the Merseyside community, and
  • published 242 Skeptics with a Ks, 57 Be Reasonables, and 45 InKredulouses.

To see our first decade out with a bang, we’ve decided to throw a party, and you’re all invited.

Talks at MSSX will include some of our favourite speakers from the last ten years, representing key moments in the history of the Merseyside Skeptics Society:

  • Chris French – Professor Chris French heads up the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmiths, University of London and has published over 100 articles and chapters covering a wide range of topics within psychology. A former editor of The Skeptic, Chris was our first ever Skeptics in the Pub speaker, and in 2011 he helped us issue the Million Dollar Challenge to ‘Psychic’ Sally Morgan
  • Alice Howarth – Dr Alice is a PhD cancer and HIV researcher at the University of Liverpool, and the Merseyside Skeptic Society’s resident biologist. As a regular on Skeptics with a K since 2014, Alice has taken apart media reports on subjects including cancer treatment, sexual health and more. As board member of the Merseyside Skeptics Society she has tested pseudoscientific sports bands and psychic claimants, and has gone undercover to expose alternative cancer treatments and mediumship claims.
  • Meirion Jones – Meirion is Investigations Editor at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and was a BBC producer who won the 2013 Scoop of the Year award for a programme which was never broadcast – his exposé of Jimmy Savile. He has exposed everything from dowsing rods used to detect bombs in Iraq and the fixing of the 2000 US election, to how Britain helped Israel get the atom bomb, from corrupt politicians to the affair of Mark Stone and the undercover cops, as well as homeopaths and healers.
  • Emma McClure – Emma is a prison solicitor and human rights lawyer whose talk on the issues that can arise from an over-reliance on badly-applied forensic science holds the record for the highest attendance at a Merseyside Skeptics Society event. Occasional guest on the Skeptics with a K podcast, Emma’s current skeptical focus is on the prison and parole systems, and the myths that surround them in the media.
  • Simon Singh – Simon is an international best-selling science writer and broadcaster who first spoke for the Merseyside Skeptics in 2010, in the weeks before the first ever 10:23 Campaign. Simon was one of the public faces of the campaign in London, and in 2012 he set up the Good Thinking Society, whose work led to the end of homeopathy on the NHS in Liverpool and in the majority of the UK. Simon’s talk at MSSX will include a demonstration of a genuine WWII Enigma Machine, showing how the encryption machine worked, and how it was cracked by the team at Bletchley House.

Tickets to MSSX will be strictly limited and will cost just £29 for the full day of speakers plus an evening of entertainment and celebration.

Pick yours up today, and we’ll see you on July 6th!

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