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Skeptics with a K: Episode #264

Family trees, Tobey Maguire, eight million pixels, and a dog show.  Plus centimorgans, attempted burglary, and the reverse Darth Vader.  Featuring special guest presenter, Andy Wilson.

Mixed and edited by Morgan Clarke.



Skeptics with a K: Episode #263

Weather forecasts, analysing homeopathy, and healthy DNA. Plus fast Internet, speed running acid rain, and getting drunk in Oxford. Sitting in the dark, it’s Skeptics with a K.

Mixed and edited by Morgan Clarke.



Alex Clegg – Ask for Evidence: The 12 claims of Christmas

When:  Thursday, Dec 12th 2019, 7.30 – 11.00 PM

Where: The Casa Bar, 29 Hope Street

Dubious claims are on Santa’s naughty list this year as the Ask for Evidence campaign comes to Liverpool.

Join Alex Clegg, campaigns and communications coordinator at Sense about Science, on a festive campaign trail to uncover claims about alcohol consumption, beauty products and detox diets among others, and what happens when you ask for the evidence behind them.

The Ask for Evidence campaign has kick-started conversations between members of the public, businesses, public services and the media about the evidence on issues ranging from supplements and speed limits to IVF and alcohol.

As Christmas draws near and companies invite us to bag one of their ‘wonder products’ for our loved ones, celebrities plug the post-holiday diets they swear by and social media insists we all ditch the turkey for veg to save our health or the planet, it’s important to know if those claims are based on reliable evidence.

So, expect exaggerated claims, evidence hunting tips and campaign freebies.

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