Skeptics with a K: Episode #276

Bill Gates, Black Seed Oil, and global depopulation. Plus thymoquinone, unusable kitchens, and Nigella Lawson. Not virologists, it’s Skeptics with a K.

Mixed and edited by Morgan Clarke

  1. #1 by Nova on May 14, 2020 - 19:33

    Sympathies for Marsh. The pain of the loss can be heard in his voice. Anyone who minimizes the hurt from this is the bad sort of bellend, not the fun sort.

  2. #2 by Maarten on May 17, 2020 - 04:10

    Re: calling the virus “Chinese Corona Virus” as being somehow racist isn’t really true. For example here are some common post Spanish Flu viruses named after their origins:

    “Zika Virus” named after the Zika Forest in Uganda.
    “Ebola Virus” named after the Ebola River in Democratic Republic of Congo.
    “West Nile Virus” named after the West Nile basin.
    “Hong Kong Flu Virus B”.

    Indeed, to call the current virus “Wuhan Flu” or “Chinese Corona Virus” is entirely in keeping with naming a new virus after the location of origin. Zika Virus is very recent (2015), and no-one was calling that name racist then as far as I know.

    Ironically “Spanish Flu” isn’t from Spain at all BTW, it was named that way because Spain was the first country to diagnose and report the disease.

  3. #3 by David Kault on May 21, 2020 - 08:09

    As a North Queenslander without the benefit of deeply pigmented skin, I have to disagree with your assertion that non-ionizing radiation is biologically harmless. My mother died partly as a result of skin cancer and I can see myself following suite due to UV radiation (which is of course non-ionizing).

    Slightly more contentiously, there may be associations between mobile phone use and brain cancer and residence close to high voltage transmission lines and a number of ailments – or is there enough evidence to rule out causality in these cases?

    Thank you very much for your podcasts that I have just started listening to.

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