Skeptics with a K: Episode #281

In this episode of Skeptics with a K, Marsh and Alice talk about the recent BBC documentary on ‘alternative’ cancer treatments. This episode deals with a difficult subject matter throughout and some listeners may find the conversation distressing.

Mixed and edited by Morgan Clarke.

  1. #1 by Sarah on July 28, 2020 - 15:51

    Thank you for this episode. I watched the documentary as a result and it was excellent and heartbreaking, and your discussion really added a lot of useful background.

  2. #2 by Jack on August 7, 2020 - 22:51

    Great episode. Listening to how you get pulled in to a pseudoscience rabbit hole was surreal. That was exactly the process I got sucked in years ago with Mercola, Mike Adams and the rest, leading to crazy levels of ignorant beliefs that I defended vehemently with “research” and “evidence”.
    Eventually I found a skeptical podcast, which I disagreed with on many fronts, believing they didn’t really know the “truth” about fluoride,GMO, mercury etc.Thankfully, I gradually learnt to be a critical thinker and wondered how I got so far down that rabbit hole of misinformation. Unfortunately, I had a few converts amongst my friends and colleagues and the sad bit is I have only managed to pull out just a fraction.The majority are too far gone, but all I can do is keep trying.

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