Skeptics with a K: Episode #295

Podcast advertising, WhatsApp, and digital privacy. Plus raving about the cereal, the European Region, Record Breakers, and recommending mattresses. Fighting jet lag with bees, it’s Skeptics with a K.

Mixed and edited by Morgan Clarke.

  1. #1 by Maarten on February 5, 2021 - 22:00

    Recently started using Signal for my messenger app (never used WhatsApp due to its association with Facebook). Signal is endorsed by Edward Snowden, Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey (the Twitter founder(!)). Further, unlike WhatsApp, it has a really good Windows desktop version that seamlessly syncs with your phone app.

  2. #2 by Peter on February 7, 2021 - 21:32

    Re. SGU & the promotion of products – they now, I believe, are being careful and conscientious about the products they advertise. This is only a belief, but I believe it to be well founded. When I first started listening to them they advertised some socks, an education website, maybe some cat food? and mattresses. I had researched mattresses in depth recently to ascertain whether harder or softer mattresses were better for your health (specifically back pain). And the research is sufficiently inconclusive as to suggest that lying on a hard concrete floor and lying on a bed of feathers are both as bad or as good for you and no one knows. So I emailed SGU about their mattress ad, asking why they were advertising the mattresses given the scant & inconclusive research about health benefits, and that it seemed unskeptical, or maybe they knew research that I didn’t – and within a few episodes they stopped playing mattress ads. It may have just been a coincidence, as I never received a response to my serious questions about what research they had access to that proved the benefits of the mattress type in question. But they’re also not playing investment advice. So maybe not a coincidence.

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