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Be Reasonable: Episode #068 – Milena Ivovic

Marsh is joined by Milena Ivovic, a writer and painter who is a voluntary worker on the path of The Knowledge Book. In this episode, we explore what The Knowledge Book is, where it came from, and what effect the Omega energy that followers believe is contained in the book can have on humanity at an individual and global level.



Skeptics with a K: Episode #298

In this extended episode of Skeptics with a K, Alice talks about the planned redundancies from the University of Liverpool’s Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, and Mike discusses green software development, and how Bitcoin works. For more information on the redundancies at FHLS, visit

Note: The opening segment to this episode features a conversation about sexual harassment and the murder of Sarah Everard which some listeners may find distressing. If you need to skip past this segment, it finishes at 0:21:27.




Skeptics with a K: Episode #297

COVID vaccines, cranberry juice, good bacteria, and D-Mannose. Plus whipping cream, jumping the queue, shoulder pain, and meringue nests. Nah, yer reet, it’s Skeptics with a K.

Mixed and edited by Morgan Clarke.


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