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Skeptics with a K: Episode #305

Marsh presents part three of his investigation into the White Rose, and their links to anti-semitism, holocaust denial, and white supremacy. Meanwhile, Alice looks at claims that the World Health Organisation is proposing a ban on women drinking. Mixed and edited by Morgan Clarke.

Note: This episode contains frank descriptions of racial discrimination and abuse.


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Be Reasonable: Episode #071 – Nia True

Marsh is joined by tarot reader Nia True, from Compass Tarot.

In this episode, we talk through what tarot cards can and can’t do, the ethics of giving readings for strangers, and how Nia uses tarot cards to process her own experiences.


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Skeptics with a K: Episode #304

Marsh presents part two of his three-part investigation into the White Rose. Meanwhile, Mike talks about the social effects of naming the COVID-19 variants and looks at whether SARS-CoV-2 may have leaked from a lab. Mixed and edited by Morgan Clarke.



InKredulous – Episode #051

Episode 51 of our satirical, skeptical comedy podcast. Your host is Andy Wilson (@InKredulosi) of the Merseyside Skeptics Society and co-organiser of QED conference.

Appearing are:

  • Kat Ford – PHD student and member of The Merseyside Skeptics Society (@KatLikesJam)
  • Michael Marshall – The Ockham-winning Marsh of the Good Thinking Society, Merseyside Skeptics Society, co-host of Skeptics with a K and co-organiser for QED (@MrMMarsh)
  • David Alnwick – David Alnwick is a writer and magician with a passion for using magic to tell scary stories. A previous headliner and host of QED, David has had fifteen sell-out Edinburgh Fringe Festival shows and has completed several UK theatre tours.
  • Bryce Blankenagel – Researcher and host of the Naked Mormonism podcast and panellist at QED Conference 2018 (@NakedMormonism).

As ever, thanks for listening and for all the lovely comments.


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