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Be Reasonable: Episode #073 – Anthony Grant

Marsh is joined by Anthony Grant, from, to talk about the Resonator Bioresonance device.

In this episode, we talk how bioresonance devices work, how physical illness starts first with emotional stress and lowered pH levels, how the bioresonance device can kill the parasites, viruses, bacteria that cause all ill health, and Anthony’s recent encounter with the Advertising Standards Authority for claiming his device was more effective at preventing COVID-19 than a vaccine.



Skeptics with a K: Episode #309

This week, Marsh talks about the statutory and voluntary regulation of healthcare in the UK, and Mike talks about Apple’s plans to scan the pictures on your iPhone. Meanwhile, Alice ponders the return of the two-cheek kiss.

Note: Mike’s segment this week features frequent references to material depicting the abuse of minors, which some listeners may wish to avoid. The segment finishes at 0:30:23.


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Skeptics with a K: Episode #308

This week, Mike talks about the unintended consequences of decisions taken by web developers, and Alice talks about chlorophyll supplements and unhealthy relationships with food. Meanwhile, Marsh organised a party and went to see Black Widow. Mixed and edited by Morgan Clarke.

Note: Alice’s segment touches on themes around eating disorders, which some listeners may wish to avoid.