Be Reasonable: Episode #073 – Anthony Grant

Marsh is joined by Anthony Grant, from, to talk about the Resonator Bioresonance device.

In this episode, we talk how bioresonance devices work, how physical illness starts first with emotional stress and lowered pH levels, how the bioresonance device can kill the parasites, viruses, bacteria that cause all ill health, and Anthony’s recent encounter with the Advertising Standards Authority for claiming his device was more effective at preventing COVID-19 than a vaccine.

  1. #1 by Andy on August 28, 2021 - 20:18

    Mr. Grant, like many guests, appears completely sincere. It is sad that he writes off all the researchers in the world, ones who dedicate their lives to easing human suffering, as being bought off by big pharma.
    Also sad is that the website has the disclaimer. “Not a medical device, no FDA etc” And is followed by the Wink emoji.
    Actually not sad, more disgusting

  2. #2 by Bex on October 18, 2021 - 23:59

    I’m a clinical laboratory scientist/microbiologist/chemist/blood banker here. You don’t need clinical trials, grab some bacterial cultures and see if they die. It would take $200. I’d offer my services but I’m currently doing molecular diagnostics and sadly no longer work with live organisms. I guarantee an in vitro study showing a way to kill bacteria and viruses would lead to further study if for no other reason than it would be good for sanitization.

    We test blood and/or urine pH on a routine basis. It is very well monitored. All doctors/nurses/lab techs know about it. I’ve done pH and cultures on the same patient. It would be easy to see correlation. I would have noticed calling pH critical results and blood culture results on a routine basis. Big pharma couldn’t pay all of us off and have never offered me as much as a free pen.

    I’ve also looked at joint fluid from arthritic joints. Very rarely see bacteria, more crystals. Unsurprisingly, bacteria indicates infection which is easily treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics don’t generally work against most cases of arthritis. Probably because they aren’t caused by bacteria.

    Then there’s blood type nonsense. If he’d spent the time to get a two year degree in laboratory science, he could be really helping people. It would be boring, but useful to run pH testing on urine that actually keeps people healthy.

    These alternative medicine people have invaded my online resources for identifying abnormal urine crystals. Thanks, Marsh, for driving me crazy and keeping me sane at the same time.

  3. #3 by Matthew on October 25, 2021 - 09:30

    Why are comments closed on future episodes?

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