Skeptics with a K: Episode #311

This week Alice talks about the website Healthline and their evidence review of mistletoe-based alternative therapy iscador. Meanwhile, Mike talks about ivermectin and the claims that it leaves people sterile.

Mixed and edited by Morgan Clarke.

  1. #1 by James on September 16, 2021 - 20:37

    I watch a lot of panelshows and i agree with some of your opinions on them.

    Taskmaster: excellent, been a little weaker in the last 2 series because of COVID, but still good.

    Taskmaster New Zealand: The best of the non-british ones, easily on par if not better in some ways than the british one.

    8 Out of 10 Cats: It really depends on the guests, very hit and miss, but still decent. Its future seems in limbo though.

    Have i got news for you: I agree this one has really fallen off, i used to be a huge fan of this, but since brexit stuff started back in late 2015, the show has just suffered from non stop brexit, its really screwed it over. Also paul merton just seems like he’s been going through the motions for 10+ years, Ian Hislop is the only good part of the show left, mainly since current affairs is his business.

    QI: I think it’s still good, but just feels a little formulaic at this point, and alan davies’ is very obviously putting on the stupid act for it, which has got boring. Oddly enough his own talk show (As Yet Untitled) is actually quite good.

    Would I Lie To You: This one really depends on if you like Lee Mack or not, if you don’t you will despise this show. David Mitchell is top notch, rob brydon is so-so as the host. But i agree, Bob Mortimer is the king of WILTY.

    Nevermind the Buzzcocks: Coming back soon to Sky with greg davies as host. The old stuff is kind of hit and miss to modern eyes, can feel a bit mean, but very good in my opinion.

    Mock The Week: I somewhat agree with Marsh on this, Frankie clearly hated being there (and stated as much in recent years), and the show hit a bit of a lull after he left. In recent years, probably the last 3 or 4 series, its turned around a lot, they’ve clearly gone out of their way to get a more diverse set of guests (new comics, race, age and gender) to keep it fresh. Dara has said in interviews the comedy scene and the show is much more kind and collaborative than when it started, and for the better.

    Have You Been Paying Attention (Australian or NZ versions): If you want something not british but still anglophone, here you go, current affairs comedy new quiz. This is like if you took the news part of Mock The Week and extended it for a whole show, but it’s not team based, it’s free for all. It’s very good and nice to see non british comedians in action, though the roster is smaller.

    While i know SWAK isn’t a fan of reddit, there is a panelshow subreddit which is good for keeping up on what’s out currently.

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