Be Reasonable: Episode #078 – Linda Backman

Marsh is joined by past life regression therapist Linda Backman, from The RavenHeart Center.

In this episode, we talk about what past life regression is, the benefits Linda believes it can have in helping clients process their emotional and physical issues, and whether or not it is important that past life experiences can be verified as accurate.

  1. #1 by Matthew on January 31, 2022 - 06:57

    I’ve been conducting past life regression in group therapy sessions for years. Turns out once I was a farmer who had to take up arms to defend against some quite monstrous attacks. I spent a number of lives living in forests bathing in the energy of nature. Most recently I was a strange bridge builder named Lakjin. I lived under one of the bridges I had built where I setup a personal shrine for the worship of Vaprak the Destroyer.

  2. #2 by Tim High on February 3, 2022 - 12:00

    Another great episode, Marsh!

    Every time I listen, I wish I could be there to ask all the unasked questions! I especially would find it interesting to hear you explore the extent and implications of your guests’ belief systems. In this case, I’d want to know:

    * Which religion do you think most accurately depicts what you have seen with your work in past lives?
    * How do you feel about proponents of Judeo-Christian religions, knowing that you have evidence contradicting their belief systems?
    * Don’t you feel a responsibility to work with scientists to discover exactly how reincarnation works, given that you have concrete evidence of its existence?
    * Have you tried working with historians to expand our knowledge of the past given that you have access to firsthand witnesses?
    * Do you believe that past life therapy should be a standard part of everyone’s lives? How much richer would our lives be if everyone had access to all their previous lives?

    On the more practical side:
    * Have you ever had a patient discover they were someone famous in a previous life?
    * Have you ever had a patient access multiple previous lives? If so, have you ever seen a case that is impossible, such as two lives overlapping in time?
    * Have you ever had two patients discover they were both the same person in the past?
    * Have you had any cases that either you or your patient realized was fake? How did you know? If not, why do you think you have a 100% success with accessing past lives? General hypnotism doesn’t have the same success rate.

    On reincarnation mechanics:
    * You mentioned other planets. When we die, does our soul stay on Earth, or might we end up on another planet right now?
    * Can we be reincarnated as animals or other creatures? Have you ever had a patient access a previous animal life?
    * How long does it take for a soul to be reincarnated? Is it instant or is there a pause?
    * Have you ever had a patient remember their existence outside a body, in between reincarnations?
    * Have you tried to explore more of the mechanisms of reincarnation as part of the process of your therapy? Would that be considered unethical? If so, would you be willing to do sessions focused on that exploration, rather than on therapy?
    * How do languages work in past life remembrances? You mentioned people were able to access lives from before any known spoken language. Were they able to understand words said? If so, do you think there could be a way to access this capability in our waking lives? Is there some way people could learn to be universal communicators?

    And I’m just getting started… it would be fascinating to hear people explore all the ramifications of their beliefs, to help them think it all through. You did that to some degree with the man that spoke about the hollow Earth theory, but that, too, only scratched the surface. I know, you only have a limited time per episode.

    Thanks for all the compelling conversations!

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