Skeptics with a K: Episode #319

Happy New Year! This episode, Mike annoys cryptocurrency fans talking about web3 and non-fungible tokens, and Marsh examines SEO-baiting ‘news’ articles and sponsored scientific studies. Meanwhile, Alice talks about her December commitment ceremony.

Mixed and edited by Morgan Clarke.

  1. #1 by Citizen Gold on January 6, 2022 - 18:21

    I’ve been constantly amazed at peoples take on NFTs. I’m on board with the position taken in this podcast. It’s a tech looking for a solution.

    As I understand it, for all practical purposes these are just proof of ownership.

    I think a solution that could step up is treating these as copyright registrations. To use one of the examples from the show, I purchase the NFT of the bored monkey. From the registered date of sale I own the copyright on that. Others may have copies, but I would be the one with the legal right to request others stop selling it on their online store. Or, at least negotiate royalties from sales.

    This could be extended out to any organisation that publically tracks ownership. Vehicle VIN numbers, land, even parcel tracking for delivery services (although this one may not be great for privacy purposes.)

  2. #2 by Francesca Stefanato on January 7, 2022 - 19:20

    a little note, there are yellow kiwi fruits and even red(dish) kiwi. Yellow kiwi used to be of a variety that has been wiped out by a bacterial disease that is only mild for green ones. A new yellow variety has been developed, close to the green one, and resistant to the disease. How do I know?
    I am a plant pathologist and I am allergic to green kiwi, while I used to be able to eat the “original” yellow kiwi. But not the newer kind….itch itch itch…

  3. #3 by Jen on January 8, 2022 - 03:18

    following Francesca’s comment, I was thinking also that “green” might refer to unripe fruit? In Australia, there are often claims made for the healing/health-giving properties of green pawpaws (more commonly known as papaya), and these are merely fruit that’s not fully ripened.

  4. #4 by warren turnbull on January 26, 2022 - 04:50

    Hi Guys,
    In australia there are yellow kiwi fruit.
    These are known as sungold and were developed in new zealand, quite popular here and my wifes favourite variety. The chinese seem to be very fond of these as well and are growing them for the local market.

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