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Caption Competition #14

Last week we showed you this picture of a man apparently being attacked by a cherub. You should never trust those things. Three words: Valentine’s Day Massacre…

As always, we got some great responses. There are two winners this week. One is this one, from the always reliably funny Karl Mamer:

For the last time, we don’t tuck in our t-shirts in geek heaven!

And the other is this one from Nick T, a special gift for the die-hard Doctor Who fans among you:

Damn Dr Who fans, why won’t you just blink?

So well done to Karl and Nick!

This week’s picture is in honour of the recent TAM held in London. It’s from last year’s event, but that’s okay because humour does not recognise the boundaries of time. Or something.

Anyway, here goes. What should be the caption for the picture below?



Caption Competition #13

Last week we showed you these pictures.

The winning captions are this from Michael Gray for the first picture:

“Herbie, the love bug, experiences puberty.”

And this from Blair Donaldson for picture number two:

“An embarrassed Phil temporarily confusing haemorrhoids with asteroids.”

Well done to both of you!

Without further ado, let’s move on to this week’s picture.

What should be the caption for the picture below?

By the way, if anyone feels they have a picture worthy of the caption competition, feel free to send it to us (well, me) at:

I can’t guarantee it will be used, but you never know…

This week’s picture comes courtesy of Richard Wiseman’s blog.



Caption Competition #11 and #12!

As we’re a week late with the Caption Competition we thought we’d treat you to a double decker this week. We’ve got two, count ’em, two, pictures for you to provide your eloquent and witty captions for.

But first, let’s see who won number 10 in our popular competition. There was a lot of good entries for this penguin-themed picture, so rather than limit ourselves to one winner we picked a few. The winners are, in no particular order: Sophie, Adam Lappin and TheTrueScotsman, with the following respective captions:

I’m sorry, but is this where we audition for the Linux Mascot Competition?

What do you mean I’m adopted?!?!

(small penguin in the middle) Right, now tell my brother what you just called me?!

Well done one and all!

Now, onto this week’s bumper pack of pictures. Feel free to provide a caption to either picture, or to both if you’re feeling greedy! Picture number 2 is of course the fabulous Phil Plait of the Bad Astronomy blog, live on-stage at TAM.

What should be the caption for the picture(s) below?



Caption Competition #10

Last week and two days ago (sorry we’re late, the dog ate the computer) we showed you this picture and asked you to supply your witty captions. We got several entries, all very good, but in the end we decided to go with this one:

After reporting his results Cambridge realised it should have been more skeptical of hawkings funding request to study exotic liquids in warm atmospheres.

This caption was from Craig Rossborough. Thanks, Craig Rossborough!

To celebrate the recent fossil discovery of a massive species of red penguin from 36 million years ago, we thought we’d have a bit of a penguin themed competition this week. So…

What should be the caption for the picture below?



Caption Competition #9

We’re in the mood for brevity this week..

Last week, we showed you THIS.

The winning caption was THIS:


Congrats to Tom Williamson.

Now that’s all out of the way, we can show you this week’s picture. We did consider showing a funny picture of the Pope just to be topical, but a quick google image search simply reveals lots of Emporer Palpatine look-a-like jokes and baby-kissing – the latter of which would lead to no end of tasteless innuendo on this site. That said, this one‘s quite funny.

In the end, we decided against it. No state visits for the Pope on this site. Stephen Hawking on the other hand… :

What should be the caption for this picture?



Caption Competition #8

Last week, we showed you this probably photoshopped picture of the former president of the USA apparently munching on a kitten. Something about this bizarre image must have inspired you, because we got a huge range of responses.

However, all must fail for one to win… and the winner is Jooiliaj, who sent us this caption:

The kitten’s saying: ‘I thought you said you’d eat your hat if a black man became US president.’

Let’s leave talking kittens and hungry presidents now, and move on to this week’s picture.

What should be the caption for the picture below?