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Be Reasonable: Episode #024 – Harry Rhodes

Joining Marsh this month on Be Reasonable is Harry Rhodes. Harry is a researcher and activist from Chemtrails Projects UK. You can find out more about Harry’s work at



Be Reasonable: Episode #023 – Eugene McCarthy

Joining me this episode is Dr Eugene McCarthy from Eugene’s work explores the theory that a conventional view of evolution is incomplete, and that cross-species hybridisation played a significant role in the development of many modern species, including humans.



Be Reasonable: Episode #022 – Jim Humble

This month on Be Reasonable we dip back into the archives for one of the most troubling interviews I’ve ever been involved in.

Back in 2010, reports emerged about a product called Miracle Mineral Solution – a pseudomedical panacea which was touted as a treatment for cancer, AIDS, malaria and Crohn’s disease, yet in actuality was much closer in chemistry to a form of industrial bleach. The founder and main proponent of MMS was Jim Humble, whose name quickly began to appear in the press, and who turned down interviews with the BBC and with the Guardian. He did, however, agree to speak to Hayley and me for our old podcast, Righteous Indignation.

It’s an interview that affected me greatly, and one I think about regularly, which is why I’d like to present it now, for the first time, in its unbroken entirety.



Be Reasonable: Episode #021 – Alan Sanderson

This month, Marsh speaks with Dr Alan Sanderson. As well as being the former president of the Spirit Release Foundation, Alan is a psychiatrist who treats psychiatric disorders by removing the inhabiting spirits of the deceased from his patients. His website can be found at



Be Reasonable: Episode #020 – Christopher Doyle

Joining Marsh this month is Christopher Doyle, director of the International Healing Foundation – a group which controversially aims to offer their help to people suffering from unwanted same-sex attraction.



Be Reasonable: Episode #019 – David Boyle

In this month’s episode, Marsh spoke with UFO researcher and alternative historian David Boyle, proprietor of Exhibition of the Universe in Blackpool, UK. David regularly gives talks and interviews on all manner of subjects from ancient aliens to psychic abilities and government conspiracies.