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Question of The Week: What Slogan Should Be On Our T-Shirts?

As you may know, we now have an online shop where you can buy all sorts of 10:23 campaign goodies, such as t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and ties. It’s all wonderfully designed and will no doubt be the best purchase you have ever made, so please visit…

What we don’t have is a Skeptics With a K t-shirt. Our esteemed podcast is woefully under-represented in the world of merchandise and shameless cashing in, so we thought we’d open up to our wonderful listeners out there (that’s you!) and ask for suggestions.

Our Question of The Week is this: What Slogan Should Be On Our T-Shirts?

Is there a particular line from the show that you think should be adorning the torsos of Skeptics? Maybe you have another idea for what should be on the shirts. As long as it’s funny and appropriate, and gives a feel of what the show is about, we don’t mind.

So please leave your suggestions in the comments below, or email us if you’re feeling secretive. Winners will receive our undying love…



Question of The Week: What Foreign Woo Have You Found On Holiday?

Woo doesn’t recognise geographical boundaries, as we found out when the 10:23 campaign caught the imagination of skeptics not just in England, but in countries as far afield as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The ability to believe utter bollocks is a shared human trait, and it is in full view all over the world. Whether it’s the widespread use of homeopathy in France, Aids denialism in Africa or the belief that 9/11 was an inside job in the USA, woo is in rude and lively health, and it’s clocking up the airmiles.

So the Question of The Week is this: What Foreign Woo Have You Found On Holiday?

Were you accosted by Italian Scientologists? Did a small Brazilian boy try to sell you a mystical crystal skull? Maybe you’ve come across something ridiculous in another country that you’ve never found anywhere else. Whatever it is, let us know. Satiate our desire for new and wonderful woo!

Please leave your answers below.



Question of The Week: Which Question Do You Want to Answer?

Last week we celebrated the one year anniversary of the Merseyside Skeptics Society with a special Liverpool Skeptics in The Pub, which included a live recording of our podcast Skeptics With a K. In a change from our usual dictatorial style, we asked the audience for suggestions for a Question of The Week, and ended up with two of them!

Questions that is, not audience members.

In the interests of fun, and because it means we don’t have to make a decision about it, we’ve decided that instead of choosing only one of them as this week’s question, we’ll let you answer both. Think of it as a Question of The Year as well as a Question of The Week, an extra special gift from us to you!

So this week’s Question(s) of The Week, courtesy of Andrew Johnston and Tom Williamson are:

1/ If you could have three dinner guests, one living, one dead and one ‘woo’, who would they be?

2/ What ‘woo’ presents have you received?

Maybe you have a thing for white beards and want to have dinner with James Randi, Darwin and Santa; or maybe you once recieved a ‘genuine’ Mayan crystal skull from a boyfriend or girlfriend. Whatever it is, we want to know. I’ll leave the definition of ‘woo’ here deliberately vague, so no-one feels limited. It’s up to your good selves whether you answer one or both questions.

Please leave your answers in the comments section below.



Question of The Week: What Makes You Angry?

Being a Skeptic often means dealing with a huge amount of nonsense and woo. Most of the time, it’s not an issue. Generally, woo is harmless, or at least its harm can be easily identified and followed up on. Plus, it can be quite fun to research and examine strange claims and ideas, to try to uncover the truth, or lack of it , behind them. However, we all have our strong ideals and personal viewpoints, and sometimes woo isn’t simply something fun that you can play around with. Some of it can be downright dangerous, some of it can be mind-boggingly stupid, some of it just doesn’t make any damn sense. You can’t always respond with calm and objective kid-gloves: even Skeptics get angry.

So this week’s Question of The Week is this: What woo makes you angry? What pushes your buttons? What can’t you deal with? Maybe it’s the harm that can be caused by extreme religious beliefs, or homeopaths who claim to be able to cure AIDS. Maybe it’s just the fact that your brother/sister/husband/wife/parents just won’t listen to reason over something silly. Maybe psychics just piss you off. Maybe your best friend never makes it to the pub because he/she is too busy chasing UFOs.

Whatever it is, we want to hear about it. So feel free to vent your spleen in the name of Skepticism via the comments section below.


Question of The Week: What Nonsense Facts Can You Ascribe To A Skeptic?

Chuck Norris doesn’t read books: he stares them down till they give him the information he wants. Oh, and Rome? He did build that in a day. And you know what’s underneath that beard? Another FIST!

These are just a few of the nonsense ‘facts’ ascribed to martial-arts yeti Chuck Norris that fly about the internet. Fortunately for him, none of them touch on his acting ability. If you listened to our podcast, Skeptics With a K, yesterday, you will have heard Mike ‘The Health Ranger’ Adams’ completely un-ironic list of facts about Skeptics. You know the score:  Skeptics don’t believe in anything, we work for Big Pharma, kill babies, that kind of thing… So for this week’s Question of the Week, we thought he’d give a Chuck Norris inspired response to Adams’ drivel.

The Question of The Week is this: What kind of Chuck Norris style nonsense facts can you ascribe to Skeptics that Mike Adams missed?

The funniest answer won’t recieve anything except our undying admiration, but if that’s good enough for Chuck Norris then it’s good enough for us!



Question of the Week: What Woo Does Your Family Believe In?

What was that? There was no ‘Question of the Week’ last week? And we’ve missed it on other occasions, too? I find that hard to believe! We’ve never missed a ‘Question of the Week’!


If you read this blog, then you most likely consider yourself a person of the Skeptical persuasion. Objectivity and critical thinking are your cornerstones. Unfounded beliefs and woo of all kinds do not penetrate your hardened Skeptical exterior as you stride across the globe unearthing logical fallacies… Or something along those lines. At the very least, you will probably consider youself a rational thinker who wouldn’t be caught dead believing something silly.

However, the same might not be true of your family; and while you can choose your beliefs, you can’t choose your family. As much as you may like to think you are safely cocooned from all the woo and guff out there by the warm fires of the Skeptical community, we all have to interact on a daily basis with those close to us who may have beliefs which are – let’s put this delicately – a bit distanced from our own.

So, this week’s question of this week is this:

What woo does your family believe in? Are there any strange beliefs or ideas held by those close to you which raise the hairs on your hardened Skeptical hide? How do you deal with it: do you confront it head on, or do you ignore it for fear of upsetting family harmony?

Don’t worry, you can change names if you wish; the last thing we want is to have any Skeptics disowned by their parents due to comments they’ve written on this site!

So, don’t be afraid: What woo does your family believe in? Please leave a reply in the comments box below.