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Natalie Bennett – Universal Basic Income

When:  Thursday, January 16th 2020, 7.30pm – 11.00pm

Where: The Casa Bar, 29 Hope Street


Natalie Bennett was the leader of the Green Party from 2012-2016. Over that time she and the party became known as champions of the policy of universal basic income – a guarantee that people’s basic needs will be met by an unconditional payment to meet their essential needs.

She argues that it is a guarantee of the basic human right to life, a way of providing people with the chance to use their talents well, and ends benefit traps. No one would be left penniless, as far too many are being left now by zero-hours contracts and swingeing benefit sanctions. And it might mean that sewer cleaners are paid more than bankers – as they probably should be.

Trials are underway now in Finland, Holland, Canada, the US and Kenya – it is an idea that is catching on fast, in part because of fears about the impact of automation on jobs.


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Daniel Artus – Vaccine Hesitancy, Confidence and Empathy

When:  Thursday, February 20th 2020, 7.30pm – 11.00pm

Where: The Casa Bar, 29 Hope Street

Daniel Artus

Vaccines are a commonly held to be a cornerstone of global public heath, preventing sickness at enormous scale and even eliminating or near-eliminating deadly or debilitating diseases. What, then, leads many people to reject or doubt the safety of a medical procedure that many easily accept?

This talk explores these issues by looking at two large-scale fluctuations in vaccine uptake. Looking at both the Nigerian polio vaccine boycott in 2003 and recent concerns over the safety of the HPV vaccine, both scenarios highlight the complexity of drivers behind different vaccine positionalities.

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Alex Clegg – Ask for Evidence: The 12 claims of Christmas

When:  Thursday, Dec 12th 2019, 7.30 – 11.00 PM

Where: The Casa Bar, 29 Hope Street

Dubious claims are on Santa’s naughty list this year as the Ask for Evidence campaign comes to Liverpool.

Join Alex Clegg, campaigns and communications coordinator at Sense about Science, on a festive campaign trail to uncover claims about alcohol consumption, beauty products and detox diets among others, and what happens when you ask for the evidence behind them.

The Ask for Evidence campaign has kick-started conversations between members of the public, businesses, public services and the media about the evidence on issues ranging from supplements and speed limits to IVF and alcohol.

As Christmas draws near and companies invite us to bag one of their ‘wonder products’ for our loved ones, celebrities plug the post-holiday diets they swear by and social media insists we all ditch the turkey for veg to save our health or the planet, it’s important to know if those claims are based on reliable evidence.

So, expect exaggerated claims, evidence hunting tips and campaign freebies.

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Anthony Warner – The Truth About Fat

When:  Thursday, November 21st 2019, 7.30pm – 11.00pm

Where: The Casa Bar, 29 Hope Street

The Truth About Fat – Why obesity, weight gain and health are more complex than everyone thinks

Anthony Warner

We are getting fat and sick in increasing numbers and it’s placing a devastating burden on our healthcare systems. Scientists in every field are desperate to explain this epidemic and stave off a modern health disaster. But what’s to blame? Carbs, fat or sugar? Gut microbes or genes? Laziness or poverty?

In this talk, Anthony Warner (The Angry Chef) will scrutinise the explanations of experts in every field, laying out the best evidence available. But most of all, he will rail against quack theories preying on the desperate and consider whether we are blaming our own bodies for other people’s ignorance and cruelty.

What remains is the unvarnished truth about one of the great preoccupations of our age.

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Dr Clare Allely – The Psychology of a Mass Shooter

When:  Thursday, October 17th 2019, 7.30pm – 11.00pm

Where: The Casa Bar, 29 Hope Street

In this talk, the Path towards Intended Violence will be applied in the case of the mass shooting perpetrated by Dylann Roof on June 17, 2015 at an Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. This perspective is important since it attempts to build on

accounts regarding how he progressed towards his mass shooting, beyond the information presented in the forensic evaluations already available. Forensic evaluations will also be explored. Finally, the Path towards Intended Violence will be discussed as a potential way forward towards trying to identify individuals who may be more vulnerable and at-risk, so that appropriate interventions and supports can be put in place in order that such extreme violence can be prevented.

Dr Clare Allely is a Reader in Forensic Psychology at the University of Salford and an affiliate member of the Gillberg Neuropsychiatry Centre (GNC) at Gothenburg University, Sweden. Dr Allely holds a PhD in psychology from the University of Manchester, having previously graduated with an MA (hons.) in Psychology from the University of Glasgow, an MRes in Psychological Research Methods from the University of Strathclyde and an MSc degree in Forensic Psychology from Glasgow Caledonian University

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Marlon Solomon – Conspiracy Theory: A Lizard’s Tale

When:  Thursday, September 19th 2019, 7.30pm – 11.00pm

Where: The Casa Bar, 29 Hope Street


Conspiracy Theory: A Lizard’s Tale

Marlon’s a Jew. This didn’t bother him much until he discovered that some people he knew didn’t believe the Holocaust happened. From 9/11 to shape-shifting lizards and Holocaust denial, this is a darkly comic tale of one man’s journey through the conspiracy underworld. Marlon explores why conspiracy theories are more popular than ever; examines how fake news gives fresh currency to ancient slander and how this all related to current issues in the Labour Party. A comic tale which is no laughing matter.

WINNER: Best Spoken Word – Greater Manchester Fringe Festival 2018

“A devastating show. Informative, absorbing and very funny. The funniest show about antisemitism on the fringe. Or anywhere I suspect” – David Schneider.

“Compelling, shocking, essential.” – Al Murray

Marlon Solomon is an actor/musician from Manchester. His first one-man show has hit the zeitgeist and has been picking up accolades wherever it has been performed, discussed in political pages in The Guardian, New Statesman as well as being featured on Channel 4 News and even becoming the first one-person show to be in The Houses of Parliament.

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