Skeptics with a K: Episode #216

Driving to Cornwall, marching through London, charging phones, and testing blood. Plus picturesque windows, false positives, microprocessors, and skeptical songs.

If you want to support Britt Hermes in her legal battle, visit



Britt Hermes Legal Costs Fundraising Campaign

You may know that Britt Hermes, who is an international skeptical campaigner about naturopathy, and former speaker at our QED conference. You may not be aware, however, that Britt is currently being sued for defamation.

Britt used to be a naturopath herself, but she now spends a lot of time and effort exposing naturopathic practices, including on her blog “Naturopathic Diaries”.

She’s been taken to court in Germany by US-based naturopath ‘Dr’ Colleen Huber, who is claiming that Britt has defamed her on her blog. Huber is a critic of chemotherapy and radiation therapy in cancer treatment. Instead, she uses ‘natural’ therapies that include intravenous infusions of vitamin C and baking soda.

The international skeptical community is concerned that the case against Britt may have the effect of silencing a major campaigner against unproven and disproven ‘medical’ practices, through the imposition of considerable legal costs.

For this reason, the Australian Skeptics have set up a fund-raising campaign to help cover Britt’s legal costs.

If you would like to contribute to the fund, or want more information, then go to

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