“Sugar Awareness” Awarenesss

Back in July, this image was shared on the Facebook page of Natural Child World Magazine.

Board depicting several beverages, with bags of sugar hung below them.

“Sugar Awareness: This should be displayed in every school. What do you think?”

Browsing through their content, NCW seems to predominantly publish fluffy pieces about how lovely it is to be a parent. But they do seem to have something of a bee in their bonnet about sugar.

In itself, this is reasonable. Sugar is likely a contributing factor to rising obesity, especially childhood obesity, and reducing it could plausibly help with that. But the image itself raised a few red flags for me.

It depicts what looks like a display in a school, with several popular drinks cable-tied to a backing board. Below each drink is a transparent plastic bag, which appears to represent the amount of sugar in that drink. As best I can tell, the drinks are 1) a bottle of water, 2) a carton of chocolate milk, 3) a carton of pineapple squash, 4) a can of orange juice, 5) a can of Red Bull, 6) a bottle of lemon iced tea, and 7) a can of Coca Cola. NCW captioned this “Sugar Awareness: This should be displayed in every school.”

Mostly notably for me, the volume of sugar presented as being in the can of Coke seems to exceed the volume of the can itself! I know Coke is notorious for its sugar content, but that seems rather over the top.
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