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When Is A Watch Not A Watch?

When is a watch not a watch?

When is a watch not a watch?

There’s something about a certain type of selling that really gets my goat.  It’s the really well written, apparently credible, charismatic selling that shows itself in marketing brochures and various collateral online or in print. Mostly this happens where the commercial entity that seeks to benefit is well-funded.  They can employ the best marketing people and get the best writers.

To people like me, and I hope, you, the marketing speak comes over as a cloud of bullshit arrows, words desperately devoid of facts and trying to strike home between whatever neurones aren’t paying close attention.

For example:

Philip Stein has recently introduced its first Automatic timepiece with Swiss movement, its unique e-tailing program that includes profit sharing for local retailers from online sales and the opening of the company’s first store in the Americas. For a complete history of Philip Stein or technical information related to natural frequencies or the new Natural Frequency Disc, please visit

Oh, hold on.  Did someone mention frequencies?  Oh yes.  Get ready for it.  It’s the latest solution to the everyday stresses and strains that YOU can’t cope with.  It reduces stress, increases how quickly you get to sleep, increases how well you feel AFTER you’ve slept and makes you have better dreams. Read the rest of this entry »

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