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It ain’t easy being green.

Greetings, dear reader!  What did you say? You’re an eccentric millionaire looking to employ a sceptic-IT-technician-cum-media-something to keep you company in your doting years, and you’re offering access to your wine cellar (and vintage gins) for nothing more than the provision of a little evening conversation and the odd compliment or two?

Certainly! I’d be delighted to fill that role! Fetch the decanter and I’ll start right away!

For the audience here who are not eccentric millionaires looking to keep me in exquisite comfort for the rest of their lives, let me explain…

At the last Sceptics in the Pub (on Thursday) I offered to try and write a blog post each week in time for Sunday. However, I wasn’t counting on the rather panicky Friday I would have, and the worry that would lurk at the back of my mind for the rest of the weekend. Read the rest of this entry »


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Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm Runs Aground

Noah's ArkSo, it emerged last week that a zoo in North Somerset has been criticised for promoting a creationist agenda. The Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm – and the name alone should be setting off alarm bells and red flags in any skeptical listener – claims to represent the natural world as a product of both God and evolution, causing the British Humanist Association to appeal to local tourist boards to cease advertising the attraction.

The BHA have roundly criticised the zoo for undermining the teaching of science – which is a pretty tough charge for the zoo to deny, given that signs around the zoo state that animals hunt and kill food because “man rebelled against God”, and that the “three great people groups” in the world could be descended from the three sons of Bible ark builder Noah.  The bit about three great people groups is especially nice – I can only assume this refers to an absurdly simplistic and offensive generalisation of the whole worldwide gamut of racial diversity. If we’re filling our kids’ heads with nonsense, it’s efficient to try and pack multiple nonsenses into the same punch, I guess. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Fraud in a Cassock

I cannot recall being a believer. I can recall not really having an opinion about things. Agnostic if you will. But I must have made my mind up early because I do remember joining St John’s church choir, simply because I fancied one of the choristers, to discover I had to pledge my love for and service to God each week.

This was difficult and I tried not to say “The Creed” out loud, mouthing it instead. I knew I was a fraud in a cassock. I was about 13.

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Texas versus History

Last week the Guardian reported that a Texan board of education wanted to get religion more prominently into the classrooms. Nothing new there, I hear you say (OK, I can’t actually hear you say that, but I’ll presume for the sake of this increasingly tortured intro that you did, and you can always email to correct me later). Except this time it’s not the same old Evolution vs Creationism Intelligent Design debate regarding biology classes and science textbooks – this time the battle lines have been drawn in History.

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Don McLeroy – standing up to those damn experts

Homo sapiens, humans, us, you and me, are thousands of years old – not personally, of course, but as a species. America was colonised around 50,000 years ago; humans reached Australia within a few thousand years of that time.

Older still, evidence of a 500,000 year-old ancestry to humans, Homo Heidlebergensis has been found in Boxgrove, England.

At least, that’s what the experts tell us.

America (or Texas, to be more precise) has decided to take on these experts. Humans on the American continent at 50,000 BC? A not-quite-monkey-not-quite-man who is 500,0000 year old? Who lived in 497,991 BC? Why, that’s older than the Earth itself! These ‘experts’ trust the collaborating data from dozens of different scientific disciplines, but ignore the one, just one, that doesn’t fit in. The scriptures don’t collaborate. But these experts ignore scripture, they shun the foundations of all our knowledge – when you live on the second floor, you don’t demolish the first floor because the neighbours are noisy!

“I disagree with these experts. Somebody’s gotta stand up to experts that are… I don’t know why they’re doing it.” – Don McLeroy (Source: TFN Insider)

Don McLeroy is standing up to these experts.

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