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Homeopathic Feedback: The Other Kind

Recently, in the run up to the big 10:23 Campaign D-day, I’ve been publishing some of the hilarious hate mail we’ve been getting – something I really love to do. But hate mail’s not the only type we get, even from homeopaths, and I thought I’d share with you an email which I found quite intriguing and interesting, and my response. As he’s not wishing me a burning anus, death or anything like that, I’ve held back his name (it’s easy to Google if you HAVE to, but there’s really genuinely no need to). See, I can be nice. Read the rest of this entry »

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Homeopaths Say The Darndest Things

With less than a week to go, time for another peek into the 10:23 Campaign inbox!  Starting with this effort, from Dr.Inderjeet Nanda:

u will get nowhere…good collection of assholes

And my response:

Thanks for your interest in our campaign! I also appreciate the tone of your debating technique – rather than explain to me why you believe I’m wrong, or offering evidence in favour of homeopathy, you’ve decided instead for the minimalist approach. Less is more, after all – it’s a homeopathic debating style, and a dedication to your art which I must admire. Also, I’m not sure why you choose to complement my ability to collect anuses – as yet I’ve not tried, but should I ever take up ass-collecting as a hobby I’ll do so with your ringing endorsement in my ears. All the best! Marsh

Good start! Next up, from John Orr Read the rest of this entry »

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Homeopathic Hate Mail

You know the drill by now – guys in Merseyside come up with anti-homeopathy campaign, homeopaths around the world get pissy. Here’s some recent highlights:

From Larry Ericksson:

Why are we even concerned with homeopathy, let them do what they want—why is there a campaign against it??

My response:

Hi Larry

Thanks for your email, and your interest. It’s actually a question we’ve covered here ( but in short:
– Homeopathy doesn’t work
– People spend a LOT of money on homeopathy, and a lot of homeopaths make a lot of money out of it, despite it being ineffective
– People take it instead of something that would really help them, with often tragic consequences
– When you let homeopaths do what they want, they claim to treat AIDS, Malaria, Cancer and all manner of serious diseases

Hope that helps, thanks again for your support.

OK, so that one was a bit lame. But how about this one, from Sagar Uubale Read the rest of this entry »

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“Burning Anus!” – A Little Bit Of Homeopathic Feedback

From time to time we at 10:23 get some pretty brilliant hate mail. Every now and again, one stands head and shoulders above the rest, and deserves to be shared – when this one dropped into the inbox last night, I knew it was one such piece. Enjoy!

From:  Lunarain
Date:  20 November 2010 21:05
Subject:  You did it all wrong

You should have consulted a homeopath when conducting your overdose. Any lay homeopath could have told you that the best way to produce symptoms using homeopathy is to REPEAT THE DOSE. That is how homepathic remedies are proven, duh!

Try this…

Arsenicum Album 30C or up higher, try a 200C

Repeat dose 3 times daily until symptoms appear. Stop them if you don’t want the damage to be permanant but continue if you really want to be a believer in the power of homeopathy.

You should begin to feel a burning from your mouth to your anus, incredibly painful. Go on, try it….

That is why homeopaths know that the minutest dose can cure,

It’s unfortunate that you haven’t seen the positive effects of homeopathy, because it is cheap to produce, and can make a big difference in the poor populations of the world, as well as the rich, that’s probably why India funds homeopathic hospitals, saves the gov’t lots of money, and EFFECTIVELY CURES!

And my response: Read the rest of this entry »

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