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Question of The Week: Which Question Do You Want to Answer?

Last week we celebrated the one year anniversary of the Merseyside Skeptics Society with a special Liverpool Skeptics in The Pub, which included a live recording of our podcast Skeptics With a K. In a change from our usual dictatorial style, we asked the audience for suggestions for a Question of The Week, and ended up with two of them!

Questions that is, not audience members.

In the interests of fun, and because it means we don’t have to make a decision about it, we’ve decided that instead of choosing only one of them as this week’s question, we’ll let you answer both. Think of it as a Question of The Year as well as a Question of The Week, an extra special gift from us to you!

So this week’s Question(s) of The Week, courtesy of Andrew Johnston and Tom Williamson are:

1/ If you could have three dinner guests, one living, one dead and one ‘woo’, who would they be?

2/ What ‘woo’ presents have you received?

Maybe you have a thing for white beards and want to have dinner with James Randi, Darwin and Santa; or maybe you once recieved a ‘genuine’ Mayan crystal skull from a boyfriend or girlfriend. Whatever it is, we want to know. I’ll leave the definition of ‘woo’ here deliberately vague, so no-one feels limited. It’s up to your good selves whether you answer one or both questions.

Please leave your answers in the comments section below.



What Is It? #3

What is it? #3

What is it? (click to enlarge)

It’s that time of the week again – time for Prof. Dowling to get irate and berate my poor-quality English and inefficient bloggery (honestely, we’d give him his own login, but there’s only so many times we can have the word ‘fuckbadgers‘ on our site per day, by law). Indeed, it’s time for our regular ‘What Is It?’ competition. Same rules as ever – take a look at the image featured here, and leave us your best guess as to what it is. Closest answer gets a name-check next week.

Last week we showed you this photo and asked you what it was. The correct answer was – a burner from a DVD RW drive. We didn’t get an entirely correct answer, but Mossman suggested it was “some kind of sensor (thermal, stress/strain, acoustic), phone keyboard or piezo-electric speaker”, which is probably the closest answer we got. I fully prepare for the Prof to take me to task on this one, too!



What Is It? #2

What Is It? #2

What Is It? #2 (Click to enlarge)

It’s that time again – time for us to ask you to get your thinking caps on, your imaginations fired-up and your brain in gear. Go on, do it!

Done that? Excellent – just in time for the good Prof. Dowling and his trusty electon microscope to send another in-depth snap your way. All you have to do is tell us: What Is It?

Leave your best guesses below, and answers next week.

Last week we showed you this photo and asked you what it was. The correct answer was – paper. Specifically, a piece of 60 gsm paper –  roughly 60% hardwood and 40 % softwood with some filler. Kudos goes to Gittins for the fastest correct answer.



New Competition: What Is It? #1

What Is It? #1

What Is It? #1 (Click to enlarge)

Bit of a change of pace for the blog this morning – rather than a large dollop of skepticism served with a side dollop of sarcasm, topped with a tiny dollop of seriousness (yes, I do consider all of our posts definable in terms of dollops. Dollop dollop dollop), we have something a little fun and light-hearted for you, from our good friend Prof. Dowling.

Below is an image captured by the good Prof. and his electron microscope. Your task, quite simply, is to tell us: What Is It?

Leave your answer below and we’ll announce the correct answer next week…