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Question of the Week: Papal Genocide

Earlier this year, the Pope rejected the use of condoms as a way of preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa.  Sub-Saharan Africa is by far the worst hit region by the AIDS pandemic, with almost 25,000,000 reported cases and 2,000,000 deaths annually attributed to the disease*.  More than a couple of urban myths are propagating in the region, purporting to offer cures to the infected.  One of the most disturbing is the myth that having sex with a virgin will cure AIDS. This has lead to some infected men raping children in an attempt to beat the disease.

Although condoms will not cure the disease, the evidence shows that their use will dramatically reduce its spread.  This made it all the more appalling when the Vatican rejected the use of condoms to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, on the grounds that they believe their imaginary friend doesn’t like them.

With this in mind our resident physicist, Mik, has asked: Should the Pope be taken to the Hague and tried for genocide?  Is the Vatican directly responsible for every HIV infection brought about by its rejection of condoms?  Could the effects of the Pope’s rejection of the use of condoms be reasonably characterised as genocide?

*2005 figures

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