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Joseph Mercola and The Town Of Allopath

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Many readers of this site will be familiar with Joseph Mercola. He’s the shiny-toothed, perma-tanned quack who spat out his dummy in spectacular fashion when people decided Dr Rachie of the Australian Skeptics knew more about genuine health advice than he did, culminating in her Shorty Award win back in March. Full details, including Mercola’s spectacular meltdown, can be found at (Spoiler: Mercola describes Rachie as ‘Big Pharma’s wet dream’. No comment necessary from me I think).

Mercola is an odd figure, it’s fair to say, and one not above our ridicule, not least for having a website which looks like it’s set up by someone satirising the persona of a snake oil salesman. I mean, his white-toothed grin shines out from every inch of the site, with an expression which screams: ‘I was in an accident which wasn’t my fault, and Shyster & Shyster got me over ¬£10 000 compensation for my imaginary whiplash!’ What’s more, his ‘Meet Dr Mercola’ page is actually titled ‘Why trust me?’. I defy anyone to beat that.

Still, not content with spitting out the dummy at awesome Australians, Mercola also appears to do a sideline in strawmen, as this wonderful cartoon ‘The Town Of Allopath‘ (original story by Mike ‘Health Danger’ Adams) attests. The less I say about it, the less I’ll spoil the surprise (for ‘surprise‘ read ‘mind-boggling, face-palming incomprehension‘) so all I’ll say is that the Youtube blurb inaccurately describes it as:

The video parodies the drug companies and conventional healthcare system and many are furious about the truth being exposed. Hopefully the humour will open some eyes.

Oh, and that Mercola – so enraged at those greedy doctors who keep you ill just so they can make all of their lurid profits – lives in a mansion with a pool and it’s own private island (sourced from public records). Enjoy!

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