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Miscellaneous Carols For Skeptical People #1: Simon Singh

Everyone and anyone who’s anyone in the skeptical community seems to be going to Robin Ince’s upcoming Christmas spectacular ‘Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People’. I, however, am not. So, wallowing in my position outside of ‘everyone’ and ‘anyone’, I thought I’d put together a few of my own carols for skeptical people. What better and more topical a place to start, thought I (for I was preparing for writing by inverting my noun-verb structure to start feeling all cultured and that) than with skeptic of the year and upcoming speaker at Liverpool Skeptics in the Pub Simon Singh, and the libel ruckus kicked up by those charming chaps at the BCA.

So, without further ado and to the tune of ‘We Three Kings Of Orient Are’, I give you:

Simon Singh: Exposer of Quacks

Simon Singh, Exposer Of Quacks

Simon Singh, exposer of quacks:
“Stay away from chiropracts
Curing colic this way’s bollocks
Ditch this bogus crap!”

So chiropractors started a war
Hid behind the libel law
“Oh Carter-Ruck him, Throw the book at him
Show this journo what for”

We the lawyers for the BCA
Wish to stop you having your say
You ask for proof, well here’s the truth
We’ll sue you anyway Read the rest of this entry »

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I’ll Defend Their Right To Bore Me To Death…

It’s a situation I’m sure most of us have been in. You book into a hotel (or order at a cafe, or similar venture) and get into a conversation with the manager, only to discover, to your horror, that they are most certainly not somebody you want to be talking to, but you’re trapped, with no hope of escape.

Perhaps they’ve spent the last hour (while you were waiting for your coffee) talking about how their business found its way into their hands only after a string of rich uncles and sneaky cousins

Perhaps they have a knife that they’ve been flicking open and closed, while hinting mysteriously at a past jail sentence.

Or perhaps they’re the worst, most widely-feared of this type of stranger. The religious-minded with a hankering to proselytise.

In this type of situation, I’m usually far too awkward to do anything but nod along meekly, or disagree politely, while my brain is racing through escape techniques (do I try and out-bore them? Claim I have a contagious disease?  Set fire to my chair, and in the resulting confusion, run?).

I hadn’t realised that the solution was actually a lot simpler. I could call the police. Read the rest of this entry »

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