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Skeptics with a K: Episode #020

The Skeptics with a K discuss CRIMINON, skeptical limericks and speaking German after a coma.  Plus Pet Sematary, osteopaths and free falling from 18,000 ft.


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Question of The Week: Can You Write A Skeptical Limerick?

Our last Question of The Week was to write a Skeptics With a K slogan for a t-shirt based on the show, and we’ve had a great response. Thanks to everyone who’s posted their suggestions. We’ve loved reading them so much in fact, that we’ve decided to keep the competition open, so please continue to give us your suggestions. You never know, you could be wearing a t-shirt with your own words on it sometime in the near future!

This doesn’t mean we’re not going to have a Question of The Week this week, however. We’re nothing less than generous and we don’t want to cheat you, so as well as keeping last week’s question open there’s still going to be a new one this week.

You may have heard Marsh’s skeptical limericks on the new episode of Skeptics With a K released yesterday, as well as my and Mike’s attempts to formulate our own cheesy verse in response. What about all of you at home? Do you think you can compete with Marsh in the Skeptical Limericks stakes?

This is our Question of The Week: Can You Write a Skeptical Limerick?

Why not have a go? If you think you’re up to it, drop us a line. We’d love to hear what you’ve come up with.

Post your Limericks in the comments section below…

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